October 20-23, 2016 Hershey PA – Point Shooting Weekend ($600)

October 20-21 – Hershey PA – Long Gun Point Shooting Concepts ($350)

October 22-23 – Hershey PA – Advanced Point Shooting Concepts ($350)

October 20-23 – Hershey PA – Point Shooting Weekend DISCOUNT 4 days ($600)

Long Gun Point Shooting Concepts

Long Gun Point Shooting Concepts (LGPSC) is a revolutionary reactive based rifle course that looks at the world of the reactionary rifle, like it has never been looked out before. In this course we will be doing an in-depth study of “The Nine Concepts of the Reactive Rifle.”
  • The Reactionary Curve
  • The Ready Positions
  • The Take Off Concept
  • The Retention concept
  • The Mount Concept
  • The Movement Concept
  • The Sights Concept
  • The Grip Concept
  • The Trigger Concept

As you see there is a lot of consistency across the concepts when compare to the “Point Shooting Concepts” handgun approach. But of course, there are some things that have to be changed such as “the ready positions” and “the mount.” Obviously, these are the things that are drastically different from the handgun.

One of the sacred cows out there that is constantly put worth by the LCD students of the gun, is that “you cannot train for every situation, so advanced training is a waste of time.” This thinking is the height of ignorance and laziness, it is used as an excuse to never proceed past the most basic of thinking and skill sets. If you understand “The Nine Concepts” and train to ingrain every point inside of “The Nine Concepts”, you can prepare for the vast number of situations that are likely to arise. To be able to do this we need to break away from the technique focus of the recent past.

Techniques are nothing more than niches and niches do not flow. To be fluid we must look at fluid concepts, concepts that run A-Z, with no one point being more important than another. This need for fluidity is due to the fact that the situation is the dictating factor and the concepts written above are all about the specifics of the situation. In my training I find out exactly what I need to do inside of “The Nine Concepts” to be as deadly as I can possibly be inside of the created training situations.

It is the absolute knowledge of “The Nine Concepts” and the ability to fluidly intertwine “The Nine Concepts” mentally and physically that will allow you to be as deadly as possible inside of the fluid dynamics of a reactionary fight……without any weaknesses.

800 rounds and as always, bring more if you want to shoot more.

Fight Focused Handgun V – Advanced Point Shooting Concepts

Fight Focused Handgun V picks up right where Fight Focused Handgun III left off. The main focus inside of this course is to become completely ambidextrous. When we talk of the most advanced levels of the handgun, the need for completely ambidextrous skill sets simply cannot be understated. Whether the need for these skills is due to being injured inside of the fight, being injured outside of the fight, for shooting around cover, or having the ability to shoot to any angle on the clock while moving dynamically, when you need these skills, you are going to need them as bad as you have ever needed anything. Another arena where you are going to need to be completely ambidextrous, if you want to be as prepared as you can possible be is the arena of CQB and clearing of structures. Learning to apply ambidextrous skills to your “clearing” tool box will make you a safer and more dangerous fighter.

What you will learn inside of this course is the essentials to being able to fight with your handguns, at the highest levels possible.

Mirrored set ups are strongly recommended inside of this course, but not absolutely necessary.

  • Injured shooters drills
  • Injured shooters malfunction clearances
  • A look at back up guns and the varying carry options
  • Transfers and transitions
  • The benefits of mirrored set ups
  • Repetition to get your non-primary hand up to speed
  • The retention concept applied to the non-primary hand
  • Ambidextrous completely versatile draw stroke
  • Ambidextrous movement matrix

**Pre-requisite, Fight Focused Handgun III course or other two-day intermediate point shooting based course.

It can be tough to put on a traveling course these days. The last thing I want to do is scare away people from enrolling, due to lack of quality information. Intermediate skill level with the handgun and rifle would be just fine. We will safely and slowly bring it to the advanced level.

I am going to be flexible with these courses, since they are set up in a manner that I will be able to judge competence well before the guns are loaded. On one end of the spectrum, I may have people wanting to train with me in the Advance Point Shooting Concepts (APSC) that have not taken the Point Shooting Concepts (PSC.) This is a per-requisite that has been changed for this traveling course, since I have taught four PSC in the area and we will not be running another until the market changes. I am confident this will not be a problem due to how the APSC is set up, with a heavy lean toward dry fire at the beginning of the course. That is how the course has been set up for years now and all of the students see the unbelievable benefits of that dry practice.

At one end of the spectrum, if a student shows up for the APSC without taking the PSC before hand, they will be allowed to handle the course as they see fit (with two guns going ambidextrous, with one gun and a blue gun/dry gun going ambidextrous, or just going one gun and working injured shooters drills) as long as it fits with what I see safety wise and competence wise. Once again the built-in dry practice will show me (and the student) how the course will need to be handled. I will warn about making the decision to go “one gun” or “one gun and blue gun” and not bringing a two-gun set up. The dry practice sessions changes many minds on what is possible and what is safe. Many student regret showing up without a two-gun set up.

At the other end of the spectrum, some of the guys have trained with me numerous times in the APSC and they will be allowed to do things, such as run the APSC handgun course with a rifle. This is uncharted waters and the work shopping of this will be very interesting. It may just lead to the birth of an Advanced Long Gun Point Shooting Concepts.

If you would like to attend, but are unsure about qualifying skill level wise, please inquire here or personal message me.

I am looking to create an event! This looks to be a great opportunity to make that happen. Please do not balk on the opportunity due to uncertainty.

October 1-2, 2016 Phoenix AZ – Fight Focused Handgun II – The Fundamentals

($125 for first day and $250 for both days)

Sign up here

This is a two-day fundamentals course that simultaneously teaches sighted and unsighted fire as one connected concept. Most schools teach either sighted fire or point shooting inside of separate courses. Through my extensive experience as one of the top point shooting specialist in the nation, it has become perfectly clear to me that this is not the best way to learn fight focused handgun skill sets. In order to be as dangerous as you can possibly be with a handgun there needs to be a seamless integration of these two distinctly different skill sets into one “just shooting” concept. This course is designed to give you the essential skills that will allow you to excel inside of many varying situations. Along with the skill sets you will also ingrain a confidence that can only be found when the correlation between the two skill sets are worked and understood. Whether it is a proactive gunfight or a reactive gunfight you will learn the skills, knowledge, and the confidence to rise to the occasion inside of the situation that you are confronted with.

You will be given the solid fundamentals that are the essentials of being able to fight with your handgun. This course is designed for those that are seeking the fundamentals of being able to fight with their handgun and for those that are ready for the full commitment level of a full two-day course. This course goes well beyond just an “Introduction” and is designed to take you as deep into the concept of fighting, as is possible inside of a full two-day format. This course will prepare you to safely, effectively, and efficiently proceed into the more advanced courses taught by Fight Focused Concepts.

AMMUNITION: 500 rounds (minimum): As always “Bring more if you want to shoot more”

  •  The mental aspect of the fight
  •  Fight focused handgun manipulations
  •  Eye/hand coordination draw stroke
  •  Study of efficient and effective body mechanics
  •  Fundamentals of marksmanship
  •  “See what you need to see” concept
  •  Physiological effects of a life threatening encounter
  •  The reality of the fight
  •  Fundamentals of combat shooting
  •  Combat draw stroke
  •  Perfect balance of speed and accuracy
  •  Intermediate levels of precision shooting
  •  Introduction to positional shooting
  •  Introduction to shooting from behind cover

America and the Racial Divisiveness that is Being Shoved Down our Throats

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

For those out there that have zero knowledge and do not understand how extreme stupidity hurts us all. Forming opinions without “due process” is what has started all of the recent racial hatred that we are dealing with right now. It is my belief that everyone should allow the facts and evidence to come in before they become overly emotional, out of ignorance We are all suppose to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Whatever happened to this fundamental aspect of being an American?

Wikipedia defines; “Due process” is the legal requirement that the state must respect all legal rights that are owed to a person. Due process balances the power of law of the land and protects the individual person from it. When a government harms a person without following the exact course of the law, this constitutes a due process violation, which offends the rule of law.

This should apply to every American and every American has a right to their day in court!

If you are one that refuses to accept this fundamental concept, due to race, that makes you a racist! The fact is that those that scream the loudest about racism are often the most racist of us all and racism is something that can be applied to and directed at any and every ethnic group……..including white people and white cops.

Racism is defined as “hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.”

The simple fact is, that if you hate or condemn white police officers, without “due process” you are a racist.

It is “due process” that allows us to separate the innocent from the guilty and those that are racist from those that are not.

I absolutely disagree with the progressive’s narrative of “systemic racism” inside of the police forces. Since I am not a deaf, dumb, and blind overly emotional puppet of the liberal left, I tend to wait on the facts, the evidence, and the justice system to proceed through “due process” since that is how America is supposed to work. See, I still love and believe in this Country and the ideals set down by the Constitution. I believe in equal protection and justice under the law, unlike the leftist administration, the leftist media, and those that claim they are “civil rights” advocates, all while attacking the civil rights of other people. The hypocrisy, the lies, the deceit, and the sleazy use of a false narrative is plain to see for those that refuse to be brain washed.

When we look at the events of the recent past, what we see is over the top outrage and racism coming before “due process” has ever been given a chance to even get started. People are tried and convicted, in the court of public opinion, by the progressive administration, the leftist media, the hypocritical “civil rights” leaders, and their weak-minded puppets.

The BLM movement came out of Ferguson, Missouri, where a proven criminal tried to murder a police officer, in two separate attempts. Instead of waiting to see what the facts of the case were and where the evidence led us, the progressives created a false narrative that stripped the civil rights away from a good man and a good officer, that was simply trying to do his job and not be murdered.

“Hands up, don’t shoot!” has been proven to have never happened. It was and still is a lie started by a known criminal and accomplice, then knowingly perpetuated by those that have created a racial divisiveness like this Country has not seen in over 50 years. These same irresponsible people continue with their rhetoric and their false narrative in order to remain in political positions of power and to make money.

Due process has not failed the recent civil rights movement. Guilty officers have been found guilty and innocent officers have been found innocent. As a Self Defense Instructor that is extensively trained in what makes a good shoot and what makes a bad shoot, there is one overriding fact inside of this training. That is the fact, that even if it is a good shoot, the price is so high that the only reason a good and decent person would want to deal with the consequences, is out of reasonable fear of death or grave bodily injury to yourself or another innocent.

Seriously, look at absolute chaos, racism, and racial divisiveness that is going on today! Who in their right mind would want to deal with this amount of trouble, if they did not have to, unless they themselves belonged locked up and behind bars.

Let the justice system convict the guilty and clear the innocent. That takes time! It will never be instant justice, if we truly want it to be justice. What we are seeing from those that keep preaching “civil rights” and “justice” is much more in line with the actions of people violating people’s civil rights and vigilantes. Educate yourself on the American legal system, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, the laws on self-defense and use of force, then get out-of-the-way and let due process take the time it needs to find the truth.

Black lives matter, white lives matter, blue lives matter…….ALL LIVES MATTER!

Anything short of that fact is racist.

Trump……Could it be?

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

For nearly a decade I have been pointing out and complaining about the Republicans (The Right) and their lack of willingness to get into the gutter and fight the Liberals (The Left) where they lived, thrived, and successfully fought from. It was clear to me that The Right felt that it was beneath them to get into the Leftist sewer, in order to fight the dirty fight that was being launched against them. It was like they were too good to even address the sleazy attacks, since it meant climbing into the pig pen, getting dirty, and trading punches with those that they considered to be low life scum.

This lack of willingness confused me, since it was my opinion that you could not defeat an enemy if you are not willing to fight them inside of their own home. This meant that The Right was always on the defensive, since they had no offensive answer to the Saul Alinsky’s inspired Rules for Radicals approach.

In my time on the streets, there is one thing that I learned that was perfectly clear. If you want to fight and defeat evil you need to be willing to step off of your high horse, get down into the gutter, and fight the enemy where they lived. This lack of willingness to engage, due to believing that The Right is too good for fighting in the gutter, has led us to where we are today.

Lack of willingness to engage has led to and manifested itself into a complete lack of backbone.

It is this obvious lack of backbone that has a very large portion of this Country sick and tired of The Right’s feckless fight against a more dedicated and competent opponent. While I hate the Leftist agenda and methodology, I do acknowledge and respect the level of fight that they have been bringing to our door step. They are relentless, they dominate the narrative, they use words as weapons, the create a huge lie and pound on it until it becomes the perceived truth, and they twist the truth until it becomes a perceived lie.

And what does The Right do?

Next to nothing!

Why do they do next to nothing?

Because they think it is beneath them!

As a gun guy talking to a gun culture, what is Rule # 11 of a gunfight?

“Always cheat, always win. The only unfair fight is the one you lose.”

Here is a news flash, The Left has been kicking the stuffing out of The Right for a very long time! This is all due to The Rights unwillingness to do what has to be done.

So, here we are!

In walks a guy saying all of the things that I have been saying to my friends and family for nearly a decade. Yet at first, I am not liking him because of the way that he treats people…….because deep down inside, I really am a good person. At first, I was seeing a bully with a big mouth….a bully that I would have knocked the crud out of in high school. The more I watched this guy, the more I begin to understand that this is a guy that is actually saying and doing what I have advocated for nearly a decade. He was not a bully……..he is just a guy willing to fight back from being bullied.

Could it be that they only way to defeat a bully, like The Left, is with a person that is more than willing, more than capable, and more than eager to get down in the sewage and take on the scum of the world, that has nearly decimated this once great Nation?

Could it be that Trump is the person that I have spoken of, inside of my signature line for the last eight years?

“I do not quit, I do not give up, and I know for a fact that one person, with the right message can lead us back to the greatness that this Country once knew.”

Could it be?

The one other alternative (and there is only one other possible alternative) is definitely not that person, because I disagree with everything that she says and stands for. She is nothing more than the continuation of the destruction of my America, that I have witnessed for nearly eight long years.

I see this election cycle as the Hail Mary’s of all Hail Mary’s. I am willing to vote for somebody that is saying all of the things that I have prayed for and dreamed of, in order to keep out the person that I consider to be a continuation of the very worse thing that has ever happened to this once great Nation.

I do not do this for myself. I do it for my children and my grandchildren, because I want them to live a long, happy, safe, and prosperous life in a Country as great as the one that I lived in.

Bottom line!

Training in Hot Weather or “The Weather is Going to be Perfect!”

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

For those that have trained with me across the nation, you may have noticed that I get some of the very best weather possible inside of my courses. You also may notice just how hard it is to be able to work under these extreme conditions. It is not that I am a tough guy, it is much more about the fact that I know what I need to do to make it possible.

Back in the day when I took 15-20 tactical courses a year as a student, I would plan my training days during the very best weather conditions. If it was going to be 110 degrees, I was going to be there. If it was going to 20 degrees with a freezing rain, I was going to be there. If the humidity was going to be over 90%, I was going to be there. Call me stupid, but when everyone else was too afraid to train, I was taking advantage of the very best training environments possible. It would be me, a couple of other “hard-core” guys, and an instructor rewarding “the very best students” with “the very best course” he could put on.

This was all about self-selection.

If I wanted the best training, I had to be willing to do whatever needed to be done, to be in the right position to receive the best training.

The summer is coming!

You can sit at home in your air conditioning reading the AAR’s or you can be out there training with “the best of the best.”

As an instructor, there is nothing more motivating than training in a course with the most motivated students, willing to put in the hardest of work. This is a situation where the instructor feeds off the students ambition and “the student benefit” pays off in spades.

That is the truth of the matter, so let’s look at what you need to know to be able to train in hot weather and still remain comfortable and safe.

Proper hydration is an absolute must! You need to be properly hydrated before the course starts, you need to keep ahead of the hydration curve throughout the training time period, and you need to hydrate after the course is over. You need to drink more fluids that you think that you actually need. You should be urinating once and hour and it should be clear. If you are urinating yellow you are behind the curve. You should be supplementing your water intake with some form of sport drink. G2 Gatorade is not the very best, but it can be bought anywhere and that is important for the instructor/student that flies. Regular Gatorade has too much sugar……go G2. But, it is the water that is the most important of the fluids.

3 to 1 ratio

3 parts water to 1 part G2 Gatorade (or equivalent sports drink.) They can be taken in separately or they can be mixed together, but make sure that you are drinking three times more water than G2.

I have had courses where I have poured 6 quarts of fluids inside of eight hours! This is done all while being properly hydrated before and after the class.

Another good way to replenish electrolytes is by eating bananas.

Always bring some sort of salty snack. I like salty peanuts (good protein for energy fuel) pretzels are also.

Shade, use it whenever you can!

Light color cloths are cooler than dark color cloths.

Sun screen is a must…..get the highest SPF you can find.

A hat for the head and something that you can wrap around the back of your neck to protect you from the sun.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine before and after extreme weather training, because they are diuretics.

The one’s above are things that everyone knows about. Here is one that very few student do, but have the biggest effect on staying cool.

Have plenty of “junk” water for soaking hats, bandanas, shirts and shemaghs. The value of the quality use of a shemagh can not be understated. This is not about looking tacti-cool, it is about staying as cool as possible so that you can take advantage of the very best course offering available. When I pull out my shemagh, soak it down, and wrap it around me neck I always get some looks and some comments. But it is one of the very best things that you can do for yourself while training in high heat. They hold a huge amount of water and they stay cool/wet for such a very long time period. They cool the blood flow to the head and reduce the chances of heat stroke.

To not understand the value of this piece of equipment is something that needs to be put to rest.

My first experience with a shemagh was when a student was wearing one. Here I was, baking hot, and soaking my bandana once every twenty minutes. I was running the line and doing my typical range master tricks (hand on the students shoulder so he can not turn and point his gun at me) and a felt just how cool his wet shemagh was. I remember making fun of him in my head just a couple of hours before. All of that ignorance disappeared in just one touch.

Here is my best advice to you besides the proper hydration………BUY A SHEMAGH!

I bring my schemagh in my ice chest, inside of a large zip lock bag, partially filled with ice water. It goes on dripping wet. In most cases I re-wet the schemagh by just pouring cold water into it, while still wearing it. In severe heat it comes back off and goes back into the ice water filled zip lock bag and is completely revitalized.

Always remember, if you want to take advantage of the very best training opportunities in extreme weather conditions, look for advice and tips from the guys that do it on a regular basis.

It can be the difference between a great class and a horrible class……..and literally between life and death.

Training, Instructors, and Varying Perspectives

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts
Last weekends Rifle Course with Colby Rupert got me thinking about a lot of things. The number one thing was how I was a product of every person that I had ever learned from or trained under. Knowing Colby’s experience, I was thinking of the number of high quality people involved to get Colby where he is as an Instructor. When I look at my list of Instructors, that I have actually trained with, and knowing that the number of people, that I have networked information with and learned from, would make that list 5-10 times longer.

Here is a list of 36 Instructors that I have trained with and I am positive that I am not remembering them all. Please forgive me if I spelled your name wrong.

Eric Pfleger
Dr. John Meade
Colby Rupert
Dr. Keith Seto
Brian Hartman
Tom Sotis
Mike Janich
Richard Coplin
Corinna Coplin
7677 (OPSEC)
Robin Brown
Matt Temkin
Guantes (OPSEC)
Dr. Brian Brzowski
Gabe Suarez
Richard Sharrer
“Majic” Serbiak
Rick Klopp
Wes Lahullier
Chuck Burnett
Jim Fuller
Mike Havas
Larry Renner
Daryl Okayama
Scott Hoerner
Bill Haig
Shannon Long
Steve Campbell
Patrick Lobb
Jim Lobb
Fred Jones
Scott Pierson
John Woo
Kandi Blick
Andrew (Drew) Neil
Bill Carns

My point is that no matter how many classes you have taken or how many people who you have learned from, there is still more out there. There is still somebody out there that can walk into your world and flip it on its ear.

Taking in varying perspectives is essential in order to create a personalized fighting system. Without varying perspectives, stagnation takes hold and dogma comes out of that stagnation. When you have a chance to train with somebody that challenges your preconceived notions, embrace the opportunity and take what fits into your personalized system and discard the rest……..but be very careful what you disregard. The context of what is being taught is even more important than the skill that is actually being taught. When the context is understood you may find that almost everything has its place.

Skills without context are like puzzle pieces that do not create a picture.

An open mind is a gift from God………use it for everything that it is worth.