How Good is Good Enough?

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By Roger Phillips, Owner of Fight Focused Concepts

This is a rhetorical question that I have asked many times, from many different people. The question is not just about the answer, the question is much more about the journey. Everyone has individual based goals and dreams, to sit back and judge another persons goals and dreams, without the requisite knowledge base is the height of ignorance and arrogance. If you have no idea what a persons goals are, how can you judge the perceived path from your absolute position of ignorance. I find the vast majority of people to be overly judgmental of people who they hardly know anything about.

We all know that there are people out there that lack motivation and are happy with their mediocrity. But, they are not really the topic of this article. The topic of this article is those that strive for excellence, excellence in whatever arena that you so choose. It does not really matter what area the excellence is pursued, because the pursuit of excellence is conceptual and there are many corresponding, overlapping, and congruent similarities across all of the categories. The focus of this article is on your mindset and the way people perceive you due to your quest for excellence.

“It is never good enough!” lion1

This is an attitude and mindset that permeates from those that seek out excellence. It is an understanding we will never know everything and everything can still be improved on. This belief leads to a very fulfilling life of exploration, discovery, accomplishment, and triumph to those that have the wherewithal to take on the journey. Some people will join in and help with the journey and some people will jump in to come along for the ride to have the opportunity to benefit from the journey. Some people will be dragged “kicking and screaming” until there is no other option than to accept the truths that were discovered during the quest that they did not originally see as being necessary.

Unfortunately, there is also a group of “close-minded naysayers” (CMNs) that will never accept the work that has been put in, never admit to the excellence that was achieved, and never even get that there was a need to push for that level of excellence. People such as these are the bane of excellence! They do everything they can to make people believe that the work was not necessary and to hamper it in whatever manner they can. The CMNs are the type of people who the only way they can lift themselves up, is by attempting to tear down those around them. We have all met people like this, their game and their weakness is plain as day. But, unfortunately there is a minority of people who actually allow the CMNs to have an effect on them and follow their lead in their quest for mediocrity.

For the most part, the CMNs are easily circumvented. But, sometimes they have to be cut from your life like a cancer.

Never allow anyone to stand in your way for your quest for excellence, because “good enough” should never be accepted by those that want to hit the paragon of excellence.

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