“For the Children”

By Roger Phillips, Owner of Fight Focused Concepts

Last December 7th, 2012 was the 25th anniversary of my first date with my wife, yes Pearl Harbor Day. For years I have  jokingly told my wife that “she threw herself at me like a Kamikaze.” On this special night, I planned a trip to the local aquarium with my wife and my 19 month old Granddaughter, Zoey. I thought that it would be nice if we celebrated the day, where it all started,  with the most precious little person in our lives and one of the very best things that we had ever helped make happen. I also selfishly wanted to be the first person to bring Zoey to the aquarium…….it’s a Grandfather thing!

As I dressed for the night I thought through the risk level of the area, the obligation that I would have as the protectors for my two special girls, and geared up accordingly while reminding myself of my absolute commitment to their safety. This is something that I normally do, but on this night there was a bit more inherent risk than usual. I was not positive it the aquarium was a non-permissive environment, but I made the decision that “If I see no signs, there are no signs” if you know what I mean. Luckily I live in a state where it is not a crime unless I refuse to leave.

Zoey seemed to understand that we were doing something special and both of my girls were in the very best of spirits. I was on the top of the world, but as always my primary mission is never far from my mind. I remember thinking about how safe my girls were and even thought about how safe the other children that were present were because I was there……..doing what comes natural to me.

This was an absolutely perfect night. Zoey was simply awestruck by the aquarium and went through it three times running from window to window with the bewilderment of exploration that only a child can experience. I can remember very few times where I felt this level of joy and love. I thought about how odd it is that a person as absolutely as dangerous as me could  have such intense feeling.  It dawned on me that this was the reason that I was so dangerous.

One week later on December 14, 2012 evil struck again, this time in New Town, Connecticut

When I think of the love I have for Zoey, I cannot even imagine what those families are going through. Years ago, I lost my sister to violence but she was an adult and the innocence had been lost long before her death. But the children of New Town!

I wonder the number of people who would have been willing to risk their own lives for those children. I wonder the number of people who abhor violence that would have moved past that belief to have the opportunity to use violence to stop the evil that was unleashed on those children.

They say “A Democrat is a Republican that has just not been mugged yet.”

While we say these things in jest, there is still a lot of truth to it. I began my journey as an extremely dangerous person due to attacks on people who I loved. It was not evil that made me dangerous……it was love………and it made me more dangerous than my adversaries were willing to go up against. I was willing to die for those that I loved, but they were not willing to die for those that they hated.

I cannot even imagine being responsible for children and not being responsible enough to be able to protect them. To me, that would be a fate worse than death. Do people really have to be “mugged” before they can see this? Can’t people see the evil and see the loss of innocence, then make the necessary adjustments without having to personally experience it. “Just in case” and “for the children” would seem to me to be enough to equip oneself with the necessary knowledge and tools.

For the choir out there, I am not preaching to you. I am preaching to those that are responsible for the children, that may have realized since December 14, 2012, that they need to be more responsible for their protection. If you came to the realization that you would die for them like some of the adults did inside of that school, I would appreciate the opportunity to teach you to fight for them. Dying for them may not be enough! You may need to fight evil to the death to stop their evil intent.

You can put your head back in the sand and hope that evil does not pick “your kids” number, or you can use your love to make you more dangerous to evil than evil is to the precious children who look to you for their protection.

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