The Mantra

By Roger Phillips, Owner of Fight Focused Concepts

We have heard it over and over “front sight, front sight……press.” Then guys like me come along and teach you a new mantra “focal point, focal point………drive the gun to the focal point”

But who is right? What is the best mantra? Does one cover it all to the highest levels possible?

The best mantra is actually a combination of the two. The very best mantra would go like this. “Focal point, focal point……drive the gun to the focal point……front sight, press”

It is the combination of eye/hand coordination and perfect body mechanics that get you on target in the most efficient and effective manner as possible. The sights are nothing more than  a 2-5% verification of an already accurate aim. If you can nail down this mantra and combine it with a very nice focal point transition during the draw stroke…… are at the starting point to hit the highest of levels.

Think like a point shooter before you ever even touch  your gun. Nail done the perfect body mechanics that come out of the your eye/hand coordination draw stroke. Get to your sights if you can or if they are needed. Find the perfect balance of speed and control  so there is no disruption at the end of your draw. Make sure there is no wasted movement, economy of motion is key.

This is the optimal draw stroke, the paragon of draw strokes! This is the foundation for everything that follows.

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