The High Road and For Those Not in The Know

By Roger Phillips, Owner of Fight Focused Concepts

As a fighter, taking the high road is tough! Especially when people who have no idea what is going on except the lies that are being told and accepted as if they were the truth, with nothing more than hearing one side of the story being told by a proven liar. I was hoping to just be allowed to take my material, my knowledge, my philosophy, and my accomplishments and get on with my life. But it is clear that is not going to happen, due to all of the lies being spread about me being a thief, a liar, and a traitor.

After consulting with my attorney, we feel that the time is right to get some things out in the open that only a few people know.

First things first, for anyone that believes that I resigned because of new standards……….do not believe every ridiculous thing that you have heard! For those that have read “My Story” here is the continuation of those very facts.

All of the material from my Point Shooting Progressions Courses (PSP family of courses) is protected material inside of my contract. I have received financial compensation for every point shooting course taught by my former employer and his Instructors,  per my contract. My contract states that I certify the Instructors to teach my material, inside of the courses that I authorize. This is how it has been laid out for years. Paying me for my material is an admission that  the material is in fact mine.  For the dissemination of that material to be expanded past the contractual agreement requires my authorization, which I have not and will not give.

A decent man would have honored that contract. A decent man would have discussed his intentions to revise the contract. But there was no discussion. I was just informed that my courses were no longer offered and that my material was going to be integrated into all of the other courses, without my authorization. The Close Range Gunfighting (CRG) was now going to be taught as a new course that was to be, as the organization put it…….”PSP heavy.” When this scheme was announced, along with many other ridiculous schemes at the time, the Instructors were told “do not complain, if you do not like it, send in your resignation.”

Well, guess what? I did not like it and I did not need to work with an organization that would break a contract so easily, so I finished my courses and resigned. This treatment and behavior did not surprise me one bit, because I walked into this organization with my eyes wide open. There was never any doubt how this relationship was going to end, it was going to end the same way that all of the organizations relationships end…….badly. After Fuller, Housel, Swain, and Fricke, this is the exact behavior that I expected. No shock, no sense of betrayal……..just business as usual for the organization. You see, I am not so weak as to play the false “victim card” like my counterpart.

The fact is that the PSP courses were found to be a better courses than the CRG courses. This is a quote directly from the organization. “Many students would call and ask the front office, Which course should I take? I heard the PSP is better than the CRG.”

The fact is, I made a name for myself writing my own curriculum’s, teaching my own courses, and it did not sit well with the fragile little egos. This is especially true when I would out sell the name Instructor, head to head, in his own back yard. I knew as soon as that became common place, I was going to be made gone.

I have sat back and been called a thief, a traitor, and a liar all because I would not stand for being treated with such “in your face disrespect.” I resigned due to my contract being broken and more moves being made to break my contracts even further more. I resigned because my work and my material was being handed over to the rest of the Instructors, without compensation, who have either not received the training  or not received the authorization to teach anything past “Introduction to Point Shooting” or “Point Shooting Gunfight Skills.” There has only been one other Instructor authorized the teach the PSP material and that was my very close friend, Corinna Coplin inside of her Women’s Only courses. That was done because Corinna may just get one single chance to give the female protectors, the very best material that we can find.

As far as the “Non Compete” contract……….”THE LAW IS THE LAW” and unless you know the laws for non competes in Arizona regarding subcontractors, you may want to hold your opinions until the courts make their decision. I am absolutely confident that the contract is unenforceable.

There is only two standards that I could not meet. One, is that I would not stick around and be treated with such absolute disrespect.  The second one, I refused to be disrespectful to my students and friends, I refused to accept doing just about anything for money, I refused to have no honor or integrity.

So, for those not in the know, be very careful who you trust for your information. They could be screaming from the roof tops in order to cover up a truth that they do not want brought into the light of day.

When people talk about liar, thief, and traitor, they may want to actually know what the contracts look like, what they cover, how they read, and how they have been broken. I will fight this and I will win! I will also remember every unkind word spoken and by whom.

Please spread this truth far and wide through likes, shares, and comments.

One thought on “The High Road and For Those Not in The Know

  1. Fellas, I said it over there and I will say it here. I was not there and glad of it. I was told as a child that there are 3 sides to a story-yours,his and the truth. I will withhold any judgments until after you all do the lawyer dance. I have seen how things were tracking a while back and I know it got “different”. It saddens me that things got messed up between wonderful ,knowledgeable people. People are human,but many things shouldn’t be done to “friends”/business partners.
    I will,however, stay on track of honor and integrity not being a catchphrase but of having real,meaningful value. A handshake is as good as your word (still!) in my life.
    Loyalty means an awful lot,too. Loyalty to the death until I get a knife in the back and then become nothing more than a useful tool.
    Believe me, I am dealing with this in family matters at this very moment and it sucks!
    This is why I am going to hang with people of integrity.
    Karma is powerful. I truly believe it is good and bad. I will keep to the high side,thank you!
    I hope nothing but good,wonderful things in this endevour.
    Always remember,He is in control and things always work for the best.

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