Getting the Gun on Target and the Balance of Speed and Control

By Roger Phillips, Owner of Fight Focused Concepts

“Speed without control is slow!”

When it comes to your draw stroke or your mount (of the long gun) speed is not everything. Without the control over that speed it just turns into wasted movement and wasted time. When we look at our draw stoke and our mount the focus should not be on “speed” it should be “efficient.” It is the perfect balance of speed and control that will allow you to be as efficient as possible.

It is not about how fast your hands can move, it is about how fast your hands can move while working inside of your optimal efficiency. Without control, speed takes us outside of our optimal efficiency. With too much speed many negative things can happen.

1) We can over travel

2) We may not be working using the most optimal lines

3) We may not be where we wanted to be when we were ready to press the trigger

4) We may have to deal with the “tuning fork effect” at the end of our draw or our mount.

We have all heard the phrase “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.” There are no hard rules to gun fighting! This is nothing more than a general guideline to make sure that we are starting off with our priorities and thinking straight. The priority is not about being as fast as you can, it should be about being as efficient as you can. The speed will come through efficiency, but efficiency will never come through speed.

The body mechanics should be your first priority. Nail down the body mechanics so that you are optimizing your eye/hand coordination, so that you are working the most efficient line, so that there is no disruption at the very end. You should be able to draw and fire/hit as soon as you have reached full extension. You should also be able to mount the gun and fire/hit as soon as the gun hits the shoulder pocket. If you are searching/adjusting/correcting at the very end you have not nailed down your body mechanics. The most likely reason for this is too much speed and too little control.

I was running a rifle training group yesterday. The guys in the course were all guys that have trained with me before and they all know the fundamentals and the intermediate levels of the rifle. In this training group we were stepping back to the fundamentals to perfect a few key thing such as “the eye/hand coordination mount” the body mechanics, and the perfect balance of speed and control. The guys were doing really well and improving on things that I have never seen addressed inside of a rifle course. I had one student make a small bobble at the end of his mount. I asked him to just focus on his “control.” On this particular string of fire I was right in there in his right front pocket analyzing his body mechanics. As he began his mount I was thinking “yes, slow and controlled” then I heard him break his shot at the exact same time as the guys that were working on their speed. Here I was watching a 70% speed mount being on target as quickly as the guys working a 90% speed mount. It was like he was moving in slow motion, but the hits were there at the same time as the guys working at speed.

The perfect balance of speed and control equals efficiency.

Efficiency equals how fast you really are!

How fast your hands move means nothing without the perfection of your eye/hand coordination and body mechanics.

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