Your Line in the Sand Part 2

By Roger Phillips, Owner of Fight Focused Concepts

“Be Very Careful What You Wish For”

I have participated on gun forums since 2001, in that time I have spent a good amount of time with obvious newbie’s. Whenever a discussion on a tactical scenario’s come up, it is the newbie’s that tend to preach the most uncompromising positions on the line in the sand. It is as if they get a new blaster, practice some target shooting, and they feel empowered like they have never felt before. They suddenly believe they can now take down any and all evil as soon as they see it. This is usually the most vocal of the “The only way for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing” crowd. This extremely vocal group with their illusions of grandeur tend to distort this topic in a manner that start people off with the wrong starting point when it comes to laying down their line in the sand. Many rational people read what is written and question their own manhood because that is not the way that they feel. We need to accept this as fact and begin try to mitigate the damage from the ignorance that is being perpetuated at the vast majority of gun forums. To a much smaller degree we need to be aware of this here at Paragon Pride and Defensive Carry.

Ignorance and bravado are the enemy of a quality line in the sand. A solid line in the sand is not just about mindset and wanting to be a tough guy, it is much more about personal knowledge, understanding, skill sets, ability, and clarity of mission. Everything starts with “the mission” not with the “The only way for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing” mentality. Look at your life, your responsibilities, your experience, and your ability and begin to build your line in the sand from that point right there. Do not worry about the vitriol spewed out by the ignorance of those that do not know what they do not know. They have no idea what it means when I say “Be very careful what you wish for.” They do not understand the dynamics of a fight and how quickly everything can go from “good” to “really bad.” Life threatening encounters are a gamble and if you gamble long enough eventually you will lose. If you are gambling from a position of ignorance your chances of losing jump dramatically.

On the other hand we have the legitimate “Righteous Fighters” who preach what they would really do, from a position of experience and ability. This is a voice that must be heard, because they can lead by example. They can teach us how to be better fighters, they can teach us how to increase our odds. Never assume that the person that is teaching you is a just a key board commando. You may be insulting a person that could be a huge resource to you. Just because his perspective is different from yours does not mean he is wrong. This world needs men that will step up without any concern, accept for that of killing evil.

The difference between the “Righteous Fighter” and the “Want to be” comes down to actually having the ability to do what they say and the knowledge and acceptance of the risks that they take.

One is noble and can be learned from, the other just makes a lot of noise, distorts the topic in a negative direction, and can possible negatively  affect our gun rights.

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