Integrating Pistol and Knife

Integrating Pistol and Knife

SEP 13 & 14, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada

The first in a series of events, Roger Phillips (gunfighting) and Tom Sotis (combatives) are teaming up to drive the forward evolution of their respective crafts by combining frameworks.

This first event will be taught primarily by Tom who will introduce knife tactics for shooters and assisted by Roger thus establishing a platform upon which shooters can expand their close-quarters tactics.

This is a rare chance to participate in driving the forward evolution of personal combat with two of the most renowned instructors in the business.

posterizedSaturday 10am-3pm
Combative Methodology –Tom will present a framework of a “complete” method,how to compare and contrast methods, and an organized universal reference of terminology for all martial/combative pursuits.

Accessing During Changing Attacks– You will improve your performance at accessing your pistol while under committed knife attacks that change from jabs, to single strikes, or combinations, to full-on attacks, and when his free hand grabs at you too.

Sunday 10am-3pm
Adaptive Functionality – Tom’s presentation maps a step-by-step process, the very fastest one, to integrate skill applied with consistent positive effect in a state of adaptation. Consider the profound implications of that statement!

Merging Pistol & Knife Tactics – You will learn to employ your pistol, using knife-based-actions, as a blunt instrument to parry and strike, and how to shoot without exchanging shots for stabs under chaotic frenzied attacks. This is exciting gunwork!

Disarming Knives with Pistols – You will learn how to catch an arm in motion and that the key to disarming is in creating a momentary mutual pull upon which you can execute a simple release.

Only $300 if paid by August 11th, then $350 until Sept 11th, and $400 at the door (if there is room)

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