Your Line In the Sand Part 3

By Roger Phillips, Owner of Fight Focused Concepts

Clarity of Mission and Doing What is Right

Doing what is right? Could we possibly be more vague than that? Could anything be more subjective than that? What is right to one person could be completely wrong to another person. This is why our clarity of mission must be our starting point because doing what is right is mission dependent.

This portion of the discussion is going to center on the differences between “The Righteous Fighter” and “The Righteous Family Man,” The difference between these two groups come down to the prioritization of who is under their care. The Righteous Fighter often believes that all good people are under his care. This is a very commendable and honorable position to take, but it is simply not for everyone. “The Righteous Family Man” believes that there is nobody as important as his loved ones and his ability to take care of his loved ones. This is also a very commendable and honorable position to take up. He may not forsake all other good people but his “me and mine” mentality is his priority. There could be a thousand reasons why each group has chosen their respective paths. But let’s make sure that we get to the bottom line on these varying paths. It does not matter which path you take, when you prioritize one group of people as “being under your care” over the other group, you may very well jeopardize your ability to protect the people who were prioritized as being second. If your family is not prioritized as being first, they are as good as being prioritized as second. So in my opinion each “Righteous man” has made a decision to be less righteous to one of the “under my protection” groups. Therefore, one group of men is not better or more righteous than the other group of men…….their priorities and focus are just different.

We so often see each of these groups claiming moral superiority over the other, a moral superiority that is simply not there. On a personal note, I have seen both sides of this prioritization and I am the exact same man who I have always been. There is no difference other than my focus. I would be good to hear from those that have seen both sides and how they felt about themselves from each respective side. That is an apple to apple comparison right there! Comparing yourself to somebody that you do not even know is a comparison based on ignorance and arrogance.

I had very good reasons to be “The Righteous Fighter” and my good friends know what they are. I have equally good reasons to be “The Righteous Family Man” and anyone that does not accept that fact and believes himself to be my moral superior would be as ignorant and as arrogant as the sky is blue.

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