“Keep it Simple Stupid” (KISS) Chapter 1

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts.

We have all heard this over and over again, but what does it actually mean?

Many believe that it means “keep it simple or you are stupid.” A more accurate and valuable definition would be more like this “keep it as simple as itIMG_3273 needs to be, but no simpler.”

In the world of the gun, its true meaning has been contorted by those that teach a certain system or methodology. These instructors taught a one size fits all methodology that is geared to a lowest common denominator mindset, inside of a square range mentality. They taught one stance, one grip, one means of sighting the gun, one draw stroke, and one form of retention shooting.

Back in early 2000, Instructors were beginning to step outside of that tight little box. There began an age of enlightenment. Terms such as integration, continuum, matrix, and progression would send all of the old guard guru worshipers into a frenzied state, throwing KISS rule hay-makers at every new concept that they did not understand. It is this lack of IMG_3281understanding that was the crux of the problem…..not the newer concepts.

This new breed of instructors were taking what they knew and testing it in force on force (FOF.) To many of these Instructors, the limitations of their past training became very apparent. It became exceedingly obvious that the training of the past, had kept things much too simple. It was so simple, that it did not work against a thinking, breathing, resisting, and aggressive adversary. Remember, “keep it as simple as it needs to be, but no simpler.” If the past KISS training failed miserably inside of properly run FOF (and it did) it is very apparent that this contorted KISS ideology was the main factor in this failure.

“The More You Sweat in Training, the Less You Bleed in Combat”

Simply said, “put in the work!”

So, what is the work that we need to put in?

Go out and learn the fundamentals. As soon as you have safety down, the draw stroke down, and you can keep the gun running and hitting……you need to take these basics into professionally run and properly structured FOF. Here is where you find out that the fundamentals are nowhere nearIMG_3283 good enough. This is where you find out that you need to sweat a hell of a lot more, so that you do not bleed so much. This is where you discover that you need to be more well-rounded and versatile. This is where the lights come on and illuminate the fact that you need to be able to work at the subconscious level…..because that conscious level KISS training fell flat on it face.

The epiphany is complete!

You now understand that keeping it simple in training does not equate to doing well in a confrontation. “Gun fighting is a thinking man’s game!” The only way for you to keep it simple in a confrontation is by putting in the work while training. You need to work with solid natural/instinctive concepts…..ones that can be accessed by the caveman brain at the subconscious level. This breaks us away from that one size fits all, conditioned response, technique based training and leads us into much more natural and fluid concepts. These fluid concepts begin to cover a much larger portion of the fight continuum. Even though they cover much more IMG_3288ground, they are actually simpler to access and perform well while under pressure. They are simpler due to the fact that they are more natural and instinctive. You have also put in the work, inside or your training, so that you have an understanding and comfort level that leads to a “just do it” state of mind.

It is this “just do it” state of mind that is the true meaning of KISS!

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