Priorities of the Gun Fight and “The Fight Continuum” Chapter 2

By Roger Phillips, Owner of Fight Focused Concepts

(1) Avoid one easily and completely due to preparedness, knowledge, and awareness by being deselected.

(2) See one coming and get the heck out of Dodge due to preparedness, knowledge, and awareness.situational-awareness-prepping

(3) See one coming due to preparedness, knowledge, and awareness, but to have no choice but to end it by dominating the action and decisively ending it with solid behind cover or stand and deliver marksmanship skills.

Unfortunately, “The Fight Continuum” does not stop here.

(4) See one coming due to preparedness, knowledge, and awareness, at the same time that a dedicated opponent recognizes that you see it coming. The context of the fight is equal initiative and the victor will be the one that mitigates his weaknesses while maximizing his strengths. “Stand and deliver”, sighted fire, controlled movement, alternative sighting methods, dynamic movement, or point shooting. It all comes down to who are you, what is your skill level, what are your limitations? The higher the skill level, the lower the chance of taking rounds. Remember “Movement favors the trained shooter…dynamic movement favors them even more so.”

(5) Find out that you are going to be in a gunfight only after you have seen the adversary’s weapon and he has the opportunity to inflict serious bodily harm or death……right now! We must attempt to take back the lost initiative. This can be done with deception, distraction, metsubushi (throwing of bullet holessomething in the adversaries face), or dynamic movement. Timing is everything at this point. You can wait for the perfect time out of your deception, distraction or metsubushi……or the perfect time could be an “immediate action” with your dynamic movement. If the “immediate action” is the best way to handle the situation, explode off of the X to get inside of the adversaries OODA loop. Acquire your handgun, put hits onto the adversary as quickly as you possibly can to try to take back the lost initiative. Fluidly move from a reactive position to, to equal initiative, to the point that you are dominating and decisively ending the confrontation by the use of your dynamic movement and the ballistic effect of your “progressively accurate marksmanship.”

(6) Find out that you are going to be in a gunfight, but only after you go “hands on” to get the adversaries weapon off of you and you create enough distance/time so that you can acquire your handgun. Integrate quality “hands on” skills to the point that the weapon is off of you and that you have the time to access and index onto the threat. The available time that you create dictates the type of response that is most effective and efficient.

What do I mean when I say “Priorities?” This is the order I would prefer a gun fight to come down. Unfortunately, preferences have very little to doIMG_9063 with reality.

“The fight will be what the fight will be!”

We must understand the need to be “well-rounded” in order to cover the fight that shows up on your doorstep. The very core of this “being well-rounded” is the mental aspect of the fight. Preparedness, knowledge, and awareness are just one part of the mental aspect of the fight. Understanding the dynamics of a fight is another huge aspect of being well rounded. Without this understanding, the ability to apply the best solutions to the specific situation will be severely hampered.

“Situations dictate strategies, strategies dictate tactics, and tactics dictate techniques.”


We need to have very well-rounded skill sets (numerous techniques that make up fluid concepts) so that we can access the very best solution to the specifics of the situation. These fluid concepts need to be accessible at the conscious level and the subconscious levels in order to cover the entire “fight or flight” spectrum.

“Luck favors the prepared!”

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