A Dad

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

It was an October in Reno and we were having the usual Saturday night dinner that we try to arrange during every traveling course. This one was a little different. We often have guests, significant others, and family members joining us for dinner. This is a good way for the guests to understand why we love to train and find out about the quality of people that we spend so much time with. On this particular night we were joined by a beautiful little 2 1/2 year girl named Sawyer. She was the youngest of three daughters of Warrior Talk member Rob227. She was a little shy at first, but as long as dad was there, all was good in her world.

Sawyer reminded me so much of my oldest daughter Mary when she was that age. The same smile, similar smiling eyes, and that “big” little voice. It was plain to see that Sawyer loved her dad and that dad would do anything for her. It got me thinking about “why we do, what we do.”

I am always asked how I got to be where I am today. People ask me “You are not a Cop, you are not a Soldier, why do you train so hard? Why do you need to know the things that you know and need to do the things that you can do?” To me, the question has always been a bit odd. I always considered the protection of my loved ones even more important than the protection of my community or my country. Through the years I’ve found that my past experiences are very different from most people’s. I guess that experience has solidified my absolute knowledge in “the evil of man.” Making myself as deadly as I can possibly be seems as natural as making as much money as I possibly can. To me, it is just part of who I am and what I feel to be important as “the provider” of my family. We provide financial security. We provide a safe place to live, to go to school, and to grow up. But, the most important thing that we provide for our loved ones is security. When it comes down to brass tacks, it is not the cop or the soldier that will most likely be the last line of defense for our loved ones. The last line of defense will most likely be ………a Dad.

The next day, I approached Rob227 about wanting to write this article. He looked at me kind of funny……as if I had read his mind. He then sat back and told me the event that solidified his need to learn to be “the very best fighter that I could possibly be.” Without going into specifics it was all about being “A Dad.” He told me of the moment that he realized that if he wanted to be the man that he needed to be, he was going to have to learn to be as deadly as he could possibly be.

I am not a cop! I am not a soldier! What I do is every bit as honorable a duty. I will continue to learn to be as deadly as I can possibly be. I will continue to teach my students to be as deadly as they can possibly be. No fluff, no BS, and no political correctness. Just honest, brutally effective, and devastatingly lethal as I can find.

Why? Because I am a Dad!

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