The Value of One Handed Skill Sets and Dynamic Movement, Chapter 11

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

If you can not hit the targeted area, just about as well with one hand as you can with two, this weakness will cause severe limitations inside of your dynamic movement skill set. It is my opinion that there is no better way in the world to bring your one-handed skill sets up to a very high level, in a very short amount of time, than the study of the Fairbairn, Sykes, and Applegate point shooting methods. I consider these methods far superior to anything else that I have ever seen, due to the fact that many of my students spend only a half of a day on the skill set, and they are able to reach skill levels that begin to rival their two-handed skill levels. This is a missing link that so many do not have when they try to judge shooting one-handed with dynamic movement. Without the knowledge and the skills the phrase “you cannot get there from here” rings true more often than not. If you have good one-handed skills, these skills really shine inside the “dynamic” portion of the movement continuum.


The support side arm and hand can also be used to help facilitate the following;

  • Fending
  • Striking
  • Blocking
  • Parrying
  • Using other tools (flashlight, asp)
  • Manipulating the environmentLLPGFMarch5-62011153[1]
  • Guiding loved ones or those under your protection
  • Help facilitate balance
  • Help facilitate the speed of your dynamic movement
  • Help facilitate explosive move off of the X
  • Help facilitate the application of a cutback or directional changes
  • Help facilitate the tactile ability to maneuver around or through something when you are threat focused
  • To counter balance and help stabilize your one-handed shooting platform

LLPGF March 5-6, 2011 167On the counter balance and stabilizing force, this is the same principle as the way a Cougar uses its tail when it is moving dynamically. The support side arm is used in a natural manner to counter balance the extended handgun. It also stabilizes the handgun from the rolling of the shoulders and the slight twisting of the body, that you get while you are running. It also mitigates the bouncing that comes from the impact of the feet hitting the ground. The use of the support side arm in this manner helps facilitate a more “consistent index” during your dynamic movement by “floating” the handgun. At logical distances this consistent index is so reliable that you can work the trigger as fast as you can with no need to verify that you are indexed on target in between your shots, with sight verification. This is very helpful when you are behind in the reactionary curve and are fighting to take back the lost initiative.

One handed skills are a must for those that want to be well-rounded and versatile. Do not limit yourself to just using this very important asset, for nothing more than supporting a firing position.

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