Combat Accuracy Part Two

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

“Combat Accuracy” started out as a lecture inside of my old Point Shooting Progressions courses. The improved version is now part of my new Fight Focused Handgun III – Point Shooting Concepts (PSC) course. It was designed in order to get people to look past their past training and begin to look forward toward their future training.

For the students who come to me with FOF training in their resume, the speed of their movement was right where I needed it to be. They were past “stand and deliver” and they were past “controlled movement.” They had already learned the lesson of pain and blood, that the faster you move the less likely you will be shot. Getting these students to push the dynamic movement skill set was a no-brainer, they knew what they knew and my job was to teach them to improve their hits and the efficiency of their movement.

Unfortunately, not all of the students that show up to train with me have experienced the FOF epiphany. They do not know that they can get their hits while moving quickly and they do not know how easy it is to get hit when they are moving slowly. It is this group of people who The Combat Accuracy Lecture is geared to.

The well entrenched training of the recent past had ingrained bad habits into us. We were taught that we had to use the sights or we could not get good hits. We were taught that the only way to get to the sights was with controlled movement. That became the doctrine! The problem was that the doctrine was flawed at the very genesis of the thinking. Since point shooting was considered “heresy” and the people teaching were considered “snake oil salesman” controlled movement and sighted fire was seen as the very best that the human machine could possibly do.


The Combat Accuracy lecture was designed to break away from the incorrect and dogmatic thinking that inside of the gunfight “making the hits” was all you needed to be concerned with. Once the reactive gunfight, the OODA loop, and that bad guys are not stupid is laid out, it becomes very clear that “to hit and to not be hit” is the true reality of a gunfight. Of course those who have had the FOF epiphany know this to be painfully true. But that brings us back to those who “do not know what they do not know.” I cannot give them the FOF epiphany inside of a live fire course, all I can do is try to explain reality through common sense, historical fact, long proven combat experience, and medical knowledge/substantiation (thank you John Meade.) In short, I got tired of people either refusing to move quicker or refusing to quit being dependent on their sights and their controlled movement. So a little reality check was put into place and that reality check is “The Combat Accuracy Lecture.”

In my experience, this lecture changes people’s world. It may not change it as dramatically as the FOF epiphany, but it has a profound effect on the “marksmanship over all else” crowd. Once the reality of the fight is laid out, people are much more open to new ideas and new concepts. Let’s face it, I spend nearly half of a course convincing people that I can teach them, what I say that I can teach them, and that is after nine years of rave reviews.

Once the Combat Accuracy Lecture is received (not “given”, you actually see the lights come on as they receive it) the ground is now fertile for me to teach people to be as deadly as they can possibly be. The dogma washes away, the minds open up, the ego hops in the back seat, and the learning progression really begins.

Common sense and reality is plain to see when the presentation is sound.

My reputation as an Instructor would not be where it is now without The Combat Accuracy Lecture. The Fight Focused Alumni would not be who they are without The Combat Accuracy Lecture. The knowledge that the lecture gives us allows us to break through the BS of the past and allows us to focus on the reality of the future. It is what allows us to push as hard as we can possibly push.

“The amazing human machine” is something that I talk about all of the time. This lecture was essential to creating the atmosphere that allows us to keep pushing the amazing human machine, so that some day we may find out how far we can really go.

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