The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of Open Carry Part V (New)

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

The Most Dangerous of the Lies or Perpetuation of Ignorance “There is no Tactical Advantage to Concealing Your Handgun”

This one argument was the undoing of the “political activist only crowd.” This level of ignorance on the reality of self-defense left them fighting from a position of an unmistakable lack of basic knowledge. This is the point where we called them out on their level of training, experience, and where they learn their self-defense philosophy. Every “political activist only” advocate that I had debated either admitted to having no training or refused to list their training. The newbies want to talk about the speed of the draw and the experts want to talk about the timing of their draw.

Speed of the draw stoke is nowhere near as important as the timing of the draw stroke. Newbies want speed…….experience wants timing. It is this timing that is the ultimate tactical advantage, but most people do not have the training necessary to understand the OODA loop, the reactionary curve, initiative deficit, and taking the initiative. When you get to dictate “if and when” you are going to enter the fight, that is a tactical advantage of the highest degrees. When you are open carrying your ability to decide “if and when” is severely hampered and you lose one of the biggest tactical advantages possible inside of a life threatening situation. Speed of the draw stoke is not about “tactical advantage” it is about speed of the draw stroke. To infer that the speed of the draw makes up for your ability to use your timing to the ultimate of benefits, would be a huge mistake that can be found out very quickly in properly conducted force on force.

This is why I keep my tactical advantage when I am in the big city, around crowds, or in high crime areas. Because it is clear that timing is much more important than a very small amount of speed. Outside of areas like this and where there is no other choice by law, I am willing to give up my tactical advantage (my ability to use my timing) and open carry. But then again, in most cases, my threat level has dropped dramatically due to the area that I am in.

As far as speed of the draw from open carry compared to concealment, it is much more about the position that the gun is carried over whether it is covered or not. When you carry on your center line, as in appendix carry, you cut out all of the wasted motion of going behind the hip. This elimination of wasted movement allows you to clear your garment on your center line in relatively the same speed as from open carry behind the hip. There are things that can be learned that will allow you to mitigate any loss of speed by being concealed.

A very small percentage of open carry people are all about stats and links. They cherry pick the stats that support their decisions while ignoring all of the stats that do not support their opinion. This has been a long time problem with this small group of people and that is due to how transparent their dogma is. An open carry person may deter a criminal from acting, a CCW person may deter a criminal from acting, an unarmed person that carries himself well and has some good awareness may deter a criminal from acting. Years ago there was a study done inside of a super max prison. The people doing the study would lay out pictures of law-abiding civilians and ask the criminal predators, “which ones do you want?” Nearly every single criminal predator picked out the exact same people. The point is that you do not have to have a visible gun to deter crime. It is about “a look” that we have.

People are targeted for their guns! It has been that way for a very long time (like ever since the invention of guns.) Just because we have a recent push for open carry does not mean that historical fact is going to go away…… matter how badly the “political activist only” want it to go away. When we talk about how often this happens, it is like any crime, you could go your whole life and not be effected by any given crime. But, self-defense is all about preparing for what might happen. You being targeted for your guns may or may not happen, but when you give away your operational security (OPSEC), the risks increase. That is the way crime works. People looking to take guns from people…….tend to go to people who are known to have guns. Open carry allows people to know that you have guns.

In my opinion, the perpetuation of the lie “there is no tactical advantage” is one of the most dangerous lies told by the “political activist only.” And until that lie has quit being perpetuated, I will point out that fact.

Once again, I am not telling you to not open carry. It would be extremely arrogant of me to do that since I am completely ignorant of your reality. It would also be very hypocritical of me since I open carry nearly every day. What I am telling you is to get the education and the facts, so you can make your very important personal decisions. Nobody is in the position to judge your well-educated decision except you, but please do not base these important decisions solely because you listened to the wrong people who only cared about a political agenda.

My concern is about teaching self-defense at the highest levels that I possibly can and my resume can be found here in my Biography section.

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