Your Line In the Sand Part 4

The Litmus Test

I learned this from an old friend that I used to correspond with, he goes by “Guantes.”


If I think that I may have to get myself involved again, I ask myself one very simple question;


“Is this persons bad behavior worth me having to kill them over?”


This question gets right to the very heart of the matter. If they are doing something that shocks the consciousness of humanity then it is perfectly clear that it is worth me having to kill them over.


But, If it is not worth me having to kill them over……then I probably will not get involved.


I know that some people are going to say that I can get involved, but that I do not have to kill them. Let’s make this crystal clear, if I decide to get involved in a situation that does not directly affect me…….I am escalating the situation! Once I’ve made the decision to escalate, I am no longer in full control on how far that escalation can go. My adversary may escalate the situation to the point that I have no choice but to kill him


If you interject yourself into a situation that is none of your business, you may have very well jumped in the middle of something that forces you to kill a man. (I’ve been preaching this for years before Zimmerman, he is just the latest highly publicized example.)


If you do not want to be another “that guy” like Zimmerman, run the litmus test and ask the question. You will be amazed on how many of  “the three stupids” you will avoid.


I have my “primary mission,” I have my “righteous indignation,” and I also have my “this is not worth my time.” I do not need to be the “bad behavior police,” I do not need to be a hero!


All I need to be is a great provider for my family, a solid and decent man, and an absolutely ruthless fighter when it is time to answer the call again.


“Is this persons bad behavior worth me having to kill them over?”


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