Gun Fighting with the Family in Tow

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

As those that have trained this with Dr. Meade and I, we all know that this is going to be situational dependent. Your initial response is going to have to attached to your position in the reactionary curve and the amount of force, against you, you are dealing with.

If you have been caught flat-footed, WAY behind in the reactionary curve, and with a disparity of force, you may need to use the all important “timing” where you decide “if and when” you are going to get into the fight. All fights are not winnable! The time to enter into the fight, in a decent position, simply may never come. But you need to do the best you can to find the right timing.

There are no easy answers when you are behind the eight ball. There are situations that if you react immediately……you are dead. There are times that if you use your timing correctly……you are dead. There are times that if you never find the right time…….you are dead.

Flip a coin……..but my timing has worked pretty well for me in the past. I have plenty of tools that I can bring to bear well before the gun comes into play. Feigned fear, feigned compliance, feigned begging, deception, distraction, and my all important timing. I will put on a show, but the whole time I am attempting to set up the entrance of the fight.

Now if you are only behind in the reactionary curve, that is a whole other thing.

When my kids were young the wife and I had a plan. I was the fighter and she was in charge of the children. The plan was to divide and get the bad guys to focus on me while she attempted to get herself and the kids out of the kill zone. Of course this requires that both parents and children are mobile and able to follow direction. I would use my aggression to capture and retain the bad guys attention. She would use her street smarts to find the best exit of the fight. The kids knew the plan and we went off of a very basic word that even a four-year old could understand “RUN!”

The wife and I practiced what I call “the significant other take off.” With a well understood level of shoving, I would strongly suggest a direction that she should go, while using the force to help me get off the X in the other direction. This accomplished getting both of us moving off of the targeting area as quickly as possible. It also reduced the chances of the wife freezing in place. This separation is something that you need to see as the bad guy, inside of FOF, to understand the effect that it has on your OODA loop. As the bad guy, it divides your attention and it takes time to regroup your focus. It seems that when a bad guy attacks a family, he is looking to use your love against you and when you break away from the family, that plan is foiled and they have to recover from the plan being destroyed. It really is something that you have to experience in FOF as the bad guy, the good guy, and as the observer to understand the significance.

After the separation is made it is time to go after the bad guys with a level of aggression that makes you the only thing inside of their very short lives.

Righteous indignation and my love for my family, inside of this moment, will bring a level of commitment that the bad guys are simply not going to match. This is one of those times where moving directly into the fight, at the 12:00, may be the best solution to the problem. Do not latch onto words and training of those that make all their decisions based on fear. Moving directly in has been a combat proven tactic for a very long time. A very high level of aggression messes with people’s head………take it from a smallish man who has prevailed, well over his head, in many circumstances. Speed and violence of action may be the only thing that turns this confrontation in your favor.

I will be the only thing these bad guys will be able to think about. My family will be out of the equation and they better get a central nervous system hit on me, because I will not stop as long as I am able to keep fighting.

The wife’s job is to focus on her and the children’s safety. I am to receive no concern or thought until they are safe. Once they are safe she can begin to help me. But she is not allowed to facilitate them to be used against me, after that opportunity had been taken from the bad guys.

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