Radical Islamic Terrorism, America, and You

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

For the last 15 years of writing, I have hesitated to write anything on this topic. Not out of fear for radical Islam, but due to the imbecilic macho chest thumping of the Monday morning quarterbacks, who beg for the fight to show up at their door, while arrogantly bragging how they would dominate the action, be the hero of the hour, even when they have zero experience in an actual life and death encounter. This is usually done by Instructors, while steering people to the enrollment page and into one of their courses. This over the top and transparent behavior has always disgusted me. The bravado, the stupidity, and the sleazy marketing has always kept me from writing an article that I have always felt needed to be written.

Well here we are again! I sit here watching the world giving lip service to their outrage over another slaughtering of innocent people, all in the name of radical Islamic jihad. Yes, I am going to call it what it is and if labeling things, correctly and appropriately, offend you, you may not want to continue reading what follows. Personally, I see the politically correct stupidity, such as that, as being one of the distinct reasons why the world finds itself where it is today. If you do not have the brains or the guts to call the enemy, by their correct and appropriate name, you definitely do not have the brains or the guts to be able to protect yourself from those that have declared war upon you.

I predict that there will be a good amount of hand wringing, talking, marching, arguing, protesting, and posturing due to the events in Paris. But in reality, I do not see anything substantial being done about the slaughtering of innocent people in the name of jihad. The main reason for that is that the rest of the world wants America to take the lead and that goes against the desired legacy that our feckless and impotent leader wants to leave. America itself has sustained numerous terrorist attacks, in its homeland and still the fearful leader of this once great Nation does not have the brains or the guts to even call these attacks what they are, let alone do anything about them. The Fort Hood massacre, Boston Marathon bombing, Little Rock Arkansas, Chattanooga Tennessee, Garland Texas, and New York City twice. Why would we do something about Paris if we will not do anything about our own homeland being attacked?

The fact is that this Country is being run by a President who does not believe in American exceptionalism and believes that we are getting exactly what we deserve, in regards to being attacked by radical Islam. When our leaders shirk their one main responsibility, to protect America and its citizens, unfortunately it comes down to Americans doing what they need to do, in order to take matters into their own hands, to protect themselves. Luckily, we have stopped this same President from confiscating the tools needed, to be able protect ourselves and our loved ones.

I am well aware that this article is going to receive the same negative responses from the same negative type of people, as I have witnessed before. These people will claim that I am using a tragedy to try to drum up business. These people will claim that carrying a high quality fighting handgun and a decent amount of ammo cannot do anything against a AK-47 or a suicide vest. These people will claim that the chances of being where a terrorist attack happens to be astronomically low. I consider these people to be those that always look at a glass as half empty and are always looking for an excuse to not do anything……just like their so-called President. I see them as not believing in American exceptionalism and that America is definitely not worth fighting for. I see things very differently.

First and foremost, I do not care if you come and train with me or not, but I would hope that you would train somewhere. Second, carrying a fighting handgun and a decent supply of ammo, while you CCW, is not just about the individual carrying a fighting handgun……….it is about the overall perception of hundreds of thousands of Americans carrying fighting handguns. Flapping your gums in a negative manner “a handgun is not going to help you against five terrorist with AK-47’s” could be the statement that convinces other people to not be armed, when it is you and your loved ones that are in need of help. The perception that we should be giving off is one that does not diminish our abilities, our numbers, our love of our Country, our dedication to the protection of our loved ones, and how steadfast our resolve is. In other words, if the President is unable and unwilling to send the right message, then it is up to those that still love our Country to send the right message. That message should read loud and clear, ” On a daily basis, I will be carrying as many tools of war as I can in order to kill those that try to perpetrate jihad in my America.”

How hard is that to understand? Project American strength, if our President won’t! Garnish fear and concern in areas that are not gun free zones. Tell the world, by the hundreds of thousands, that we are well armed, well-trained, that we have much to fight for and to kill for. This is a war between freedom and oppression and those of us that love our freedom, we know without a shadow of a doubt, that we have a whole lot to be fighting for.

Take a look at the world. Radical Islamic terrorism is not going to go away all by itself. Not fighting it, is not going to stop it. If you need any more proof than how large the caliphate is today…….you might just be mentally deficient. We need to learn our lessons from the Paris attacks and Europe as a whole. We need to secure our borders and take a much harder look at our immigration policies. “No good deed goes unpunished” needs to be understood inside of our immigration and refugee policies. We need to reduce our risks because this is going to get a whole lot worse, before it gets any better.

Project American strength in the homeland by carrying tools of war, training, and having a war bag to go to when it is possible to get to it. People talk about “trunk rifles” and “bug out bags.” Listen to what people are doing and carrying, then ask yourself if you should not be doing something similar.

We all need to understand and accept that, while the chances of being where a terrorist attack occurs, may be very small, the perception of hundreds of thousands of well armed and well-trained civilians walking through life, ready and willing to fight at a seconds notice, will go a long way to keeping free America safer from terrorist attacks. Yes, they will focus their attacks on softer targets and gun free zones, but unfortunately, the only way to get rid of gun free zones is by experiencing the stupidity of gun free zone…….over and over again. Some people will state, that jihadist do not care if we kill them. But the fact is that they want their terror attacks to be as effective as possible before they die. Taking away the effectiveness mitigates their levels of terror.

This is a war that will be fought today by us, tomorrow by our children, and decades from now by our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Radical Islam has been fighting this war since the sixth century and they are not going to stop until they are stopped once again.

Look at the world today and ask yourself whether you are carrying often enough or enough gear. My world has dramatically changed since 9/11 and every once in a while, even I become complacent in my carry routine. Paris and the fact that we are once again going to do next to nothing, reminds me that the strength of America is not portrayed by our weak and temporary leader……..it is portrayed by the people…….because this is a Country for the people and by the people.

Let’s not forget who we are and where we come from.

2 thoughts on “Radical Islamic Terrorism, America, and You

  1. Thoughtful and well written Roger.
    All of us that are able to make the commitment to carrying 23.9/6.9/364.9 (sometimes ya gotta do the “cattle call” thru metal detectors..its understood) should/shall do so.
    Now there is a sub set of anti/non-gun “folks” that are unreachable..lets not waste our time with them.In an optimal world there would be an outline/pathway to introduce to the “prospective/suspects” to understand and embrace the 2nd Amendment…and eventually EDC.
    Yeah an uphill fight considering all the negative propaganda, polices,statutes embraced by the Federal Gov., Corporate Business Community, and Legacy Media.

  2. Hello Roger,

    I’m Rick Cross with Be Safe Firearms Instruction here in Las Vegas. I took a shotgun class you hosted some time ago. I’ve been a CFP instructor for 6 years now (I was not an instructor when I took your class) with nearly 600 students under my wing. I do this as a passion and for my own personal experience and not for the money, my day job takes care of that part.

    I am NOT the macho chest thumping Monday morning quarterback, who uses current events to drum up business, I’m busy enough without that. Besides the firearms instruction business, I work for a local government and my wife and I own and operate an academic preschool.

    I enjoy your blogs very much and do the same for my students on techniques, tactics, and current events. I have not written anything about the Paris incident, at least not yet. After the Boston Marathon bombing, I wrote a blog on many items related to large public gatherings and rapid mass murder (RMM) and it’s nearly the same information.

    I like your statement on ‘Project American Strength’. I certainly believe and train daily for that and simply to make sure my world is safe. One of my motto’s is “Always a student, sometimes a teacher”. I dry practice daily, reload my own ammo and shoot on average of 1200 to 1500 rounds per month. I eat, drink and sleep this stuff and along with it I practice emergency preparedness…and yes, I have a trunk ‘monkey’.

    I believe in your stance of training and preparing but it’s amazing to me how many sheep we have out there, especially in the concealed carry world. I tell my students, (many who should know better) IT IS NOT ONLY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, IT IS YOUR DUTY to be confident, competent and proficient with your weapons and weapon systems! If you’re not ready when the eagle flies, you’ll find yourself running and begging for your life when you should be FIGHTING!!!

    It annoys me to no end when I’ve talked to someone from my class and they’re no different than they when they walked in class other than they have a concealed permit.

    As much as I encourage my students to practice by writing blogs and making videos for them, I still hear, “I haven’t shot since your class” or “I should carry more, but I don’t” and of course I hear this sometimes – “I don’t feel comfortable with a round in the chamber so I don’t carry it that way”. I estimate one-fourth and more like one-third of my students don’t even carry on a regular basis and I’ll bet that’s valley wide. Heck, I’ve had a number of people in my class tell me they never even applied for their permit.

    It’s not about spending money either, I try to get them excited about dry practice. I show them how good muscle memory (mine – in class) will greatly improve their handling and shooting and it’s free! They still don’t. I believe part of the problem is these ‘free CCW classes’ or those at a greatly reduced cost. Until we start turning out better ‘CCW Carriers’, people will just go on the way they have been and will simply be sheep. This was evident with Joe Wilcox, the CCW holder who was killed at the Walmart following the execution of the Metro officers at CiCi’s Pizza.

    While it’s possible he did save lives (only of responding officers, not anyone in the store), there were a few key points to involving yourself in a deadly situation and he did none of them. Obviously, he didn’t even know OF them!

    In fact he had just received his permit in January and within a short amount of time his mother said the ‘novelty’ of carrying a handgun had worn off and he wasn’t carrying all the time (he just happened to have it with him that day). This tells me he certainly didn’t practice and he didn’t know about the use of cover, keeping the gun concealed even if drawn and the fact that bad guys run in packs.

    Keep up the good work Roger and you can bet I’ll get into one of your dynamic classes in the future!


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