If you were the President

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

I, for one am sick and tire of the current administration claiming that nobody else has a plan to deal with global jihad, other than the completely incompetent plan that is in place today. Anyone with a brain knows that is just another set of lies, being told over and over again, in an effort to make it the truth, through the brain washing of the mentally weak. Even I can come up with a plan that is superior to the “do nothing while our enemy grows in strength” plan that we are forced to endure today. It is my opinion that almost anything would be better than what we are doing today.

Here are a few ideas that took only moments for me to come up with. And yes, I do believe it is better that we are doing now right now…….even after just a couple of moments of thought and work.

In no particular order;

1) Secure the border and cut off all funding for anything related to financial aid for people who are illegally in this Country. If you want to stay, then pay their own way. Enforce the immigration laws that are on the books. It may cost some money up front, but will save a ton of money and increase security in the long run

2) Re-evaluate the budget and substantially decrease social programs and government waste. Increase spending on military, arms, intelligence, espionage, covert operations, assassinations, cyber security, cyber warfare, security of soft targets, and seriously consider anything that my top military advisers believed that we might need. Increase the size of our military by offering financial incentives to attract more high quality people to join the armed forces.

3) Put undercover operatives in mosques, chat rooms, social media, and infiltrate the recruiting process set up by ISIS. Follow the leads, bring military charges against, and/or kill those that are recruiting and those that allow themselves to be recruited. Fill Guantanamo to the brim and allow the military justice system to do what ever needs to be done so we never have to fight evil again, once it has already been captured and detained.

4) Begin a propaganda war of the highest levels, such as we did in the Cold War. Fight a war that includes winning hearts and minds by portraying our way of life as being superior to the Islamist Extremest way of life. This would include turning around the “hate America and blame America first” that is so prevalent in the left, with their use of their revisionist history, fabrications, and out right lies. This would need to be a very large portion of this war effort. The left hates America and believe that we deserve to be attacked and to not be “exceptional” The propaganda war would need to be used against, not only radical islam, but also against the extreme left of this Country

5) Repair the damage that has been done to our reputation with our allies. Reaffirm our commitment to the taking the lead role in the war between “good-vs-evil.” Say what we are going to do, then do what we say we are going to do. Create an alliance against global jihad, take the lead, and then follow through.

6) Authorize military personal to be armed at all times and in all places.

7) Encourage all Americans to seek out training and carry their weapons.

8) Quit playing fair in an unfair world. Take the handcuffs off of our military and get back to fighting wars like we used to fight wars in WWII. Our military are not the police, when others have declared war on us. They are Warriors that hunt down and kill the enemy, relentlessly, ruthlessly, and with extreme prejudice.

9) Declare war on political correctness and get down in the gutter and fight the enemies of America…..who ever they may be. To hell with allowing political correctness to be used against us as a form of warfare. Nice guys do not win and the time of being “too nice” to speak plainly and act decisively has come to past.

10) When people declare war on us and begin killing us……we declare war on them and annihilate them as quickly and as ruthlessly as we possibly can, all while letting the entire world watch it happen in real-time.

11) Energy independence! Take the handcuffs off of free market and allow America to be as great as it can possibly be. There is no way to regain the power that we once had without being energy independent.

12) Once war has been declared, fight an all encompassing war. Target the enemies finances, their leaders, their allies, their supporters, their military equipment, there command structure, their ground troops, and most of all their ideology.

One thought on “If you were the President

  1. Yeah, that would be nice and you’re just saying that I and many of many family and friends say…the ENTIRE system needs to be overhauled. From medical care, to taking care of those that fight for our nation to EVERY SINGLE LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT!

    Won’t happen in our time unless a civil war starts while a lot of my students say is a real possiblity.

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