Women’s Only Introduction to Defensive Handgun

20160124 Fight Focused Handgun IV-1070-X3 Amber        IMG_2447 For Trace      IMG_2191     20140615_151705
March 12, 2016 Las Vegas NV

This one day (six hours) introductory course is designed to get women comfortable with handgun training, past that of a CCW course, an NRA course, or just being taught by family and friends. The goal of this course is to introduce women to the world of information that is available to them, in order to keep themselves and those under their care, as safe as possible. This course will be taught by Roger Phillips, who has trained hundreds of women, at all skill levels, in a manner that leaves them comfortable, confident, and competent in the use of a handgun for protection in a life threatening encounter. This course will be taught in a respectful, polite, and encouraging manner. There is nothing more important than having the ability to defend yourself and your loved ones and that fact will be kept as the main focus inside of this course offering.

Ammunition; 10 snap caps in the caliber you are carrying, 100 rounds of live ammunition, and as always, “bring more if you want to shoot more.”

  • Fundamentals of Firearm Safety
  • Handgun Choices Pros and Cons
  • Carry Options Pros and Cons
  • Basic Handgun Manipulations
  • Awareness and Mindset
  • The Reality of the Fight
  • Introduction to Point Shooting
  • The Fundamentals of Marksmanship

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