The Dynamic Movement Concept is Just One Concept! Chapter 14

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

I have spoken often about the genius of the old timers combat crouch. The more that I work with movement, the more that I realize that everything that I do with movement is based on the concept of the combat crouch.

The combat crouch is nothing more than an athletic based, movement platform. The exact same concept as the dynamic movement platform, the controlled movement platform (the Groucho,) directional changes (cutbacks,) and a dynamic movement take off. I have still photos of me doing all of these techniques……..they all look just like the combat crouch.

This is one fluid concept, not a number of different techniques. It is so simple that a caveman can do it.

The whole concept is based on acquiring a lowered base and an athletic movement based platform out of a neutral standing position or neutral walking platform. The dropping of the hind quarters (lowered base), the bending of the knees, and the pointing the toes the direction that we are headed are all things that the worlds best athletes do to facilitate dynamic movement. This lowered base also works within our physiological desire to make ourselves a smaller target when incoming fire is part of the equation.

As I look at my reality, in an effort to proceed through life, it is plain to see that I will most likely be responding from a neutral walking platform. The ability to see trouble, as I am in my neutral walking platform, and to have the ability to instantaneously drop into an athletic platform, out of nothing more than a startled response, and to explode off of the X, is an an essential skill set to own. This move is the exact same move that we see in controlled movement, dynamic movement, and directional change.

We should all own the ability to fluidly accomplish the following;

• From standing, to dropping into a dynamic take off, and accelerating to every position on the clock
• From walking, to dropping into a dynamic take off, and accelerating to every position on the clock
• From dynamic movement, to dropping into a dynamic directional change and accelerating to every position on the forward clock

All of it is the exact same concept! Just as we see in athletic event after athletic event.

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