Training, Instructors, and Varying Perspectives

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts
Last weekends Rifle Course with Colby Rupert got me thinking about a lot of things. The number one thing was how I was a product of every person that I had ever learned from or trained under. Knowing Colby’s experience, I was thinking of the number of high quality people involved to get Colby where he is as an Instructor. When I look at my list of Instructors, that I have actually trained with, and knowing that the number of people, that I have networked information with and learned from, would make that list 5-10 times longer.

Here is a list of 36 Instructors that I have trained with and I am positive that I am not remembering them all. Please forgive me if I spelled your name wrong.

Eric Pfleger
Dr. John Meade
Colby Rupert
Dr. Keith Seto
Brian Hartman
Tom Sotis
Mike Janich
Richard Coplin
Corinna Coplin
7677 (OPSEC)
Robin Brown
Matt Temkin
Guantes (OPSEC)
Dr. Brian Brzowski
Gabe Suarez
Richard Sharrer
“Majic” Serbiak
Rick Klopp
Wes Lahullier
Chuck Burnett
Jim Fuller
Mike Havas
Larry Renner
Daryl Okayama
Scott Hoerner
Bill Haig
Shannon Long
Steve Campbell
Patrick Lobb
Jim Lobb
Fred Jones
Scott Pierson
John Woo
Kandi Blick
Andrew (Drew) Neil
Bill Carns

My point is that no matter how many classes you have taken or how many people who you have learned from, there is still more out there. There is still somebody out there that can walk into your world and flip it on its ear.

Taking in varying perspectives is essential in order to create a personalized fighting system. Without varying perspectives, stagnation takes hold and dogma comes out of that stagnation. When you have a chance to train with somebody that challenges your preconceived notions, embrace the opportunity and take what fits into your personalized system and discard the rest……..but be very careful what you disregard. The context of what is being taught is even more important than the skill that is actually being taught. When the context is understood you may find that almost everything has its place.

Skills without context are like puzzle pieces that do not create a picture.

An open mind is a gift from God………use it for everything that it is worth.