Turning Fear into Anger and Anger into Fear, Lessons From 1994

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

This was written in response to all of the fear mongering after Sandy Hook. It applies today as much as it did then.

“The best defense is a good offense.”

I am sick and tired of seeing the fear from the Second Amendment proponents. With embarrassment, I have witnessed people who I respect turn into people devoured with fear and worry. I have witnessed so much fear, over the top speculation, hand wringing worry, and straight out tinfoil embracing that I feel that it is time to discuss turning that fear into anger and then channeling that anger to go on the offensive against those that would attack our ability to take care of our families.

We have a very big club in our hands, we do not need to be fearful. We need to make sure that those that oppose our freedom know, without any doubt, if they come after our families security that we will come after their families financial security. In 1994 we swung that big club and we made those that put our families security on the line pay by going right after their families financial security. We fired them, left them jobless, and made them seek another path in life.

In 1994 the Second Amendment proponents helped facilitate a 54 seat swing in the House of Representatives.

Every Republican incumbent standing won re-election. Thirty-four incumbent Democrats were defeated in 1994.

Here are the people that we made pay for turning their backs on our families and make no mistake about it…….they went after our families security and in return we went after their families financial security.

Karan English
Dan Hamburg
Richard H. Lehman
Lynn Schenk
George “Buddy” Darden
Clete Donald Johnson, Jr.
Larry LaRocco
Dan Rostenkowski
Jill Long
Frank McCloskey
Neal Edward Smith
Dan Glickman
Thomas Barlow
Peter Hoagland
James Bilbray
Dick Swett
Herb Klein
George J. Hochbrueckner
Martin Lancaster
David Price
David S. Mann
Ted Strickland
Eric Fingerhut
Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky
Jack Brooks
Bill Sarpalius
Karen Shepherd
Leslie L. Byrne
Maria Cantwell
Jolene Unsoeld
Jay Inslee
Speaker Tom Foley
Mike Kreidler
Peter W. Barca

Their names are here as a reminder on just how personal this is.

Remind your representatives at the Local, State, and Federal levels just how personal you will take this attack on your family and remind them about how personal it will affect them if they are on the wrong side of “right and wrong.”

Fear is a killer! Turn your fear into anger and make those that oppose us fear for their families financial security.

One thought on “Turning Fear into Anger and Anger into Fear, Lessons From 1994

  1. Two of the names on that list hit home. Maria Cantrell is my current senator and up for re-election this year. Jay Inslee is my sitting Govenor. They have both heard from me. Michael Medved seems to think the will not be much Republican opposition to Maria Cantrell as it would be political suicide for them. Other than making clear my position is different than theirs and that I and others vote. What do you say, that won’t make you look toothless, when they win re-election?

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