Further Reduction of Recoil Anticipation

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts.

There is no way for a live human body to stay perfectly still for any significant amount of time. Simply breathing brings muscles into play and any time muscles are put into action, there will be movement. This is why high level precision shots are taken from braced/supported positions and during the respiratory pause.

While shooting off-hand with a handgun, there will be movement in your sight picture across the targeting area. That is an absolute fact! I call this movement “the inevitable infinity pattern” to make sure people understand just how absolute this movement is. We should attempt to mitigate this movement, but mitigation is all that we can honestly hope for.

Poor marksmanship and the biggest cause of poor marksmanship, recoil anticipation, are all effected by this inevitable infinity pattern. This movement is not the problem. The problem is in the preconceived notion on what is the solution for this movement. Very often, shooters believe the solution is to break the shot as the sight picture passes over the targeted area. This is usually done with the mind screaming “NOW!” at the shooter. This will lead to a jerking of the trigger and very often a recoil anticipation due to the fact that the shooter is not getting a surprise break. The mind screaming “NOW!” at the shooter is a huge issue in regards to poor marksmanship.

The trick to solving the problem is to mitigate the inevitable infinite pattern, accept the inevitable infinity pattern, and press the trigger through the inevitable infinity pattern. At the entry-level to quality marksmanship, we need the surprise break. In my “Recoil Anticipation” article I taught people “a tape” that was taught to me. It is the running of this tape, while accepting the inevitable infinity pattern, and allow you to press off a shot without the brain screaming “NOW!”

As a reminder, the tape is described as this in the “Recoil Anticipation” article;

“Shooter is told to begin applying a small amount of “straight to the rear” pressure on the trigger…..put don’t let the gun fire! Hard focus on the front sight and slightly more pressure……but don’t let the gun fire! A little more pressure……but don’t let the gun fire! Hard focus…..perfect sight picture…..a little more pressure……but don’t let the gun fire. A little more pressure ……but don’t let the gun fire BANG!”

Since 2005, I have successfully cut down the size of “the one hole drill” by over 50%, in my students who have a marksmanship issue with this one simple lecture.



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