Thoughts on Up Coming, August 3-5, 2018 Phoenix, Arizona, Close Quarter Battle Course

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

Shooters often believe that they do not need to train in CQB or tactics. Shooters that believe that will only ever be shooters. If you want to develop past being just a shooter and toward actually becoming a fighter, training such as this is essential.

If you plan to take one course from me this year, this course would be your best decision. Co-instructing it with Colby Rupert is not just an honor, it is a privilege. If I was not co-instructing in this course I would be eagerly paying to be a student in it.

We need to understand and admit the level of theory that we have all been taught in the past. The information and experience now available to us, since fighting the war on terror since 2001, has moved us well past the theory of the past and into a level of understanding, through experience, never before seen in American history. If you want to lean how to fight or take your fighting ability to a whole other level, this course is an outstanding option for you.

We are now at ten students enrolled and there is still room for at least ten more.

Enroll here.

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