October 27-28, 2018 – Las Vegas, Nevada – Fight Focused Handgun VI – Advanced Fight Focused Marksmanship – 2 days $300

Fight Focused Handgun VI – Advanced Fight Focused Marksmanship

Fight Focused Handgun VI picks up right where Fight Focused Handgun IV left off. The main focus of this course is about raising your advanced “sighted fire” marksmanship based skill sets to the next level. Improvement on speed and precision will be the primary goal inside of this fast pace, high pressure curriculum. The limitations of the perfect balance of speed and accuracy will continually be challenged and surpassed. This course will be all about keeping your gun running and hitting at your full potential. This course will be designed in a manner that will facilitate your ability to choose between the use of only one primary set up or for mirrored setups for completely ambidextrous work.

Approximately 750 rounds (minimum):
As always “Bring more if you want to shoot more”

  • Advanced level manipulations and malfunction clearances
  • The importance of the thumbs forward/locked wrist grip
  • Movement and communication
  • The perfection of the body mechanics of the eye hand coordination draw stroke
  • Building the structure behind the gun for maximum recoil control and “fast and accurate” follow-up shots.
  • Mastery of sequence of sighted fire shooting
  • Ownership of the four secrets of marksmanship
  • Sub-conscious level focal transitions
  • Calling your shots and knowing exactly where your bullets are going to hit every time you press the trigger
  • The ownership of type two focus
  •  Pushing the limitations inside of the perfect balance of speed and accuracy
  • Advanced failure to stop drills
  • Surgical precision under time pressure
  • Hostage rescue shooting under time pressure
  • Rapid assumption of shooting positions under time pressure
  • Shooting from behind cover
  • An in-depth look at controlled movement and “move stop shoot” movement at distance

**Pre-requisite, Fight Focused Handgun IV course or other two-day intermediate marksmanship based course.

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