In Response to a Student who had his Fourth Negative Experience with Open Carry in Six Months

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

It’s a sign of the times.


The left thought they had won the cultural war……….then the silent majority proved them wrong at the ballot box. They are very angry and tend to be way more emotional than the people on the right. This irrational emotion is not something that should garner respect, but it is something that should garner attention. As much as I would like to, I do not wear my MAGA hat and I do not have Trump stickers on my car. This is not done out of fear, this is done because I do not want to have to deal with irrationally emotional people, whose behavior may give me reasonable fear of death or grave bodily harm.


Open carry is like wearing a MAGA hat. You just may received some attention that is not as positive as you would like. If you are good with this attention……then carry on! If you are seeing a change in the political climate, inside of this Country that concerns you, you may want to consider some changes in your behavior.


As responsible gun owners who carry, it is in our best interest to not be drawn into emotional confrontations. Any verbal altercation could result in a physical altercation and in any physical altercation that we may get into, has us automatically interjecting a lethal weapon into that confrontation. A simple argument can lead to a simple fist fight, that can turn into a fight for a gun in an instant.


This is kind of the basic 101 of carrying a gun.


***********, you know me and you know that I am glad that nothing bad really happened. But you have to ask yourself……did you get an adrenaline dump? Did you feel anger? Did you feel disrespected? What would have happened if he would have charged you after telling him to go F himself? Would you have engaged with him in a physical confrontation with the gun on your belt?


These are the things that I would be asking myself if I were in your shoes. I do not want to have to shoot anyone. But, I will if I have reasonable fear of death or grave bodily harm. Any attempt made on knocking me out leaves my visible gun unattended and undefended. That could constitute reasonable fear if the disparity of force was great enough.


I live in a liberal hell hole here in Las Vegas. Probably a good 70% of the people who live around me hate me due to my politics. 50% wish they could hurt me due to me politics. 40% would hurt me if they thought they could get away with it. 30% would kill me if they thought they could get away with it.


People like us have never been this hated in American history. Does that change the way we interact in the world?


It does for me.


Ego and testosterone are one thing……been dealing with that stuff for nearly a half of a century, but the loony tune left has taken it to a whole other level. There is a war going on in this Country. It has not broke out in an all out shooting war……yet……..but none the less we are at war. The left has declared war on the right. Antifa, open assaults on Trump supporters, open calls of violence from left-wing politicians, shooting of republican senators on a baseball field, murdering of police officers, ongoing attempted overthrowing of a duly elected President, the dehumanization of half the Country with name calling like Nazi/Racist, etc, etc.


If you are not taking these facts into consideration, you may be making a huge mistake.


This does not mean that I’m intimidated or fearful……heck, I have been training myself and others for a war like this for nearly 20 years now.


I hope to never need all of that training, but if the time comes…………

Does the current political climate make you rethink your decisions on open carry?

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