April 27-28, 2019 – Fight Focused Rifle I – CQB Fundamentals – $100 for the first day and $200 for both days – 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM – Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club

“I know you can shoot…..but can you fight?”

Fight Focused Rifle I – CQB Fundamentals

This course covers the fundamentals of fighting with your rifle in close quarters and will give you the option of taking just the first day or the full two-day course. It is designed as an entry-level tactical training course for those that already have a basic understanding of their rifle, but want to actually begin to apply that basic understanding to the idea of fighting in close quarters with it, from 5 yards out to 50 yards. This course will be taught in a very safe and controlled manner. A basic knowledge of you rifle, sighting system, and a correct zeroing of your rifle will be mandatory before taking this course. This is not an introductory course.

700 rifle rounds (50 handgun rounds for two-day course only.) As always, bring more if you want to shoot more.

  • Topics covered in this course include;
  • Safety and basic used of the sling
  • The application of a fighting rifle
  • The correct context of the fight
  • Mindset
  • Loading and unloading
  • Basic manipulations
  • The fighting foundation
  • Grip
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Use of  your sighting system
  • Sight offset
  • Recoil control
  • Consistent recovery from recoil
  • Working from the sling and various sling positions
  • Ready positions
  • Balance of speed and accuracy
  • Balance of speed and control
  • Failure to stop

700 rifle rounds (50 handgun rounds necessary for the two-day option.)  As always, bring more if you want to shoot more.

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Free Training in Fighting Inside Structures Tactics and Strategies

This is an open call for venues here in the Las Vegas area. If you have a venue for me to run a Fighting Inside Structures course, you receive a free slot for yourself and one other, to do with as you please.

This is a $500 dollar value.

There does not need to be any projectiles fired. This is a very mentally taxing course that simple does not require actual engagements with ballistics effect.

Fighting Inside Structures Course Description

When it comes to fighting for you life, the most valuable tool that you own is your mind. Fight Focused Concepts course, Fighting Inside Structures – The Study is the in-depth study of strategies, tactics, and skill sets that are necessary to be as efficient and effective as possible while fighting in confined spaces. Since 1999, I have been pushing to learn as much as I possibly can inside of the realm of self defense……at the highest levels possible. This is the course where all of that work comes together and reaches it’s apex. These are the training situations and experiences that make us realize that all that we have learned in the past, was nothing more than a building block approach to reaching that summit that is Fighting Inside of Structures – The Study. This is where it all comes together……. this is where everything becomes crystal clear……. this is where it is all makes perfect sense. This is the apex of much of your prior training experiences and knowledge acquisition.

The varying objectives
The realities and strategies of those varying objectives
The basics of clearing a corner
The basics of movement in confined spaces
Mitigating exposure
Completely ambidextrous skill sets
The retention concept
Dealing with doors
Making entries and taking a room
Correct application of strategies inside of the varying objectives
Basic non-verbal communication
Leading a team
Teams of two
Teams of three
Teams of four
Basics of fighting in the dark
Low-light searching and clearing
Low-light strategies in teams

In the past, I have used people homes, medical building, churches, schools, offices, warehouses, shops, and factories.

Here are some picture AAR’s of the courses that I have run in the past.





Let me know if you are interested here or send me an E-mail at rwphillips@cox.net

March 16-17, 2019 – Fight Focused Handgun II – The Fundamentals – $100 for the first day and $200 for both days – 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM – Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club

Fight Focused Handgun II – The Fundamentals

This is a two-day fundamentals course that simultaneously teaches sighted and unsighted fire as one connected concept. Most schools teach either sighted fire or point shooting inside of separate courses. Through my extensive experience as one of the top point shooting specialist in the nation, it has become perfectly clear to me that this is not the best way to learn fight focused handgun skill sets. In order to be as dangerous as you can possibly be with a handgun there needs to be a seamless integration of these two distinctly different skill sets into one “just shooting” concept. This course is designed to give you the essential skills that will allow you to excel inside of many varying situations. Along with the skill sets you will also ingrain a confidence that can only be found when the correlation between the two skill sets are worked and understood. Whether it is a proactive gunfight or a reactive gunfight you will learn the skills, knowledge, and the confidence to rise to the occasion inside of the situation that you are confronted with.

You will be given the solid fundamentals that are the essentials of being able to fight with your handgun. This course is designed for those that are seeking the fundamentals of being able to fight with their handgun and for those that are ready for the full commitment level of a full two-day course. This course goes well beyond just an “Introduction” and is designed to take you as deep into the concept of fighting, as is possible inside of a full two-day format. This course will prepare you to safely, effectively, and efficiently proceed into the more advanced courses taught by Fight Focused Concepts.

AMMUNITION: 500 rounds (minimum): As always “Bring more if you want to shoot more”

  •  The mental aspect of the fight
  • The importance of the thumbs forward/locked wrist grip
  • Fight focused handgun manipulations
  •  Eye/hand coordination draw stroke
  •  Study of efficient and effective body mechanics
  •  Fundamentals of marksmanship
  •  “See what you need to see” concept
  •  Physiological effects of a life threatening encounter
  •  The reality of the fight
  •  Fundamentals of combat shooting
  •  Combat draw stroke
  •  Perfect balance of speed and accuracy
  •  Intermediate levels of precision shooting
  •  Introduction to positional shooting
  •  Introduction to shooting from behind cover