May 18-19, 2019 – Fight Focused Handgun III – The Reactive Gunfight – $250 – 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM – Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club

Fight Focused Handgun III – The Reactive Gunfight

Fight Focused Handgun III picks up right where Fight Focused Handgun II left off. This course is designed to take your reactive gunfighting skills to the next level. We will be expanding the knowledge and the skills taught in FFHII to both the proactive and the reactive gunfight. We will make you more dangerous to your enemies from the most dominant of positions, all the way to the very worse of situations. We will cover being fast and accurate when all you need to do is defend your dominate position and we will cover taking back the lost initiative when you are behind in the reactionary curve and need to be more offensive in nature. Unlike most schools, we will not ignore that very worse of situations. We will give you the tools to overcome the tactical advantage of a well seasoned criminal, tools that have been used by some of the greatest gunfighter’s of all time. This is the course that will solidify the “just shooting” aspect of the seamless integration point shooting and precision shooting. This is the course that will leave you well prepared to deal with most encounters that a typical concealed carry or open carry individual may have to deal with on the streets or in the home.

Approximately 750 rounds (minimum):
As always “Bring more if you want to shoot more”

What you will learn inside of this course is the essentials of being able to fight with your handgun.

  •  The benefits of conceptual training
  •  The fight continuum
  •  The mental aspect of the fight
  • The importance of the thumbs forward/locked wrist grip
  • Fight focused handgun manipulations
  •  Refinement of the eye/hand coordination draw stroke
  •  In depth study of efficient and effective body mechanics
  •  Intermediate level of precision shooting
  •  Solidifying the “See what you need to see” concepts
  •  Physiological effects of a life threatening encounter
  •  Deeper understanding of the reality of the fight
  •  Intermediate level of combat shooting
  •  A completely versatile combat draw stroke
  •  One handed combat shooting
  •  Perfect balance of speed and accuracy
  •  Combat accuracy
  •  Advanced level shooting on the move

*Pre-requisite: Fight Focused Handgun II or equivalent basic to intermediate level course.
** This course is perfect for the intermediate to advanced level student.

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