Free Speech

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

Free speech is all about the quest for knowledge, seeking of a dialogue, and ultimately discovery of the truth. It is what allows us to debate topics, hear varying opinions, gain insight, and to see things from every angle. It is about improving ourselves, our lives, our families lives, and our world through an open conversation of free thinkers.

The suppression of free speech is nothing more than the exact opposite. The suppression of free speech, that half of the Country is dealing with today, may just be the most formidable weapons ever used against us. Without free speech, we are lesser men/women, intellectually, spiritually, morally, and in regards of understanding the true reality of our world. When there is only one acceptable way to think, to speak, and it is not what you believe, we suffer severely.

Right now the left is using fear to silence us. They have made it perfectly clear that they will come after you, your family, your job, the way you support your loved ones, your freedom, and even your life. They will cancel you with zero concern on what is “right or wrong” of what is “good or evil.” They hate you, therefore you must shut up/obey and any dissent to what they believe must be ruthlessly crushed.

Free speech is hate speech and hate speech is violence. That is the way the left is framing this. That is their narrative.

I have been sitting back and watching how this all plays out. Most of you know well, that I did not have much faith in getting a free and fair election. Most of you know well, that I did not have much faith in the left not dramatically abusing their new found and ill-gotten power. Not only did we not just witness the most questionable election in America history, but we have witnessed the most destructive 18 days, to the founding principles of America, in American history.

I have sat back and watched. I have hardly said anything, except to those that I know I can trust. I have been effectively silenced and that silencing is based on fear. I have no fear of dying, I should have died when I was 16 and I was effectively “already dead” for 10 more years on top of that. My fear is for my family and my loved ones. If they cancel me, my family will suffer. That probably sounds familiar to a lot of you, but most people will not say it.

I have gone back and worth on this issue. The American man in me wants to keep speaking as I always have. The husband, father, grandfather, protector, patriarch does not want to draw any more attention than I already have.

With the attempted suppression of your free speech being an irrefutable fact……..

What is your mindset in regards to speaking on these irrefutable facts?

What is your tactic in regards to speaking on these irrefutable facts?

How important do you believe, your decision on this issue will be to you, to your family, to your lives, and to America?

4 thoughts on “Free Speech

  1. Sun Tsu
    “Let your plans be dark and inscrutable as the night…and when you move strike like like a thunderbolt.”

  2. Continue to be the grey man.
    “Let your plans be dark and inscrutable as the night…and when you move strike like a thunderbolt.” Sun Tsu

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