“Guns Don’t Kill People, Men with Beards Kill People”

First attempt at humor, by Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

Throughout this forum we discuss ALL things martial. We are constantly looking to become as dangerous as possible to our enemies. But it has become clear to me that we have not covered one of the most important topics inside of this very important subject.

The Beard.

Back before I started training, I had a mustache. I simply did not know what I did not know. I thought I was “good to go” since I had owed guns since I was six, hunted with my dad, and occasionally shot competitively. My ignorance and lack of skill was directly related to my lack of facial hair.

Once I started training, I understood that a mustache was simply not good enough. My skill set was one dimensional. While I was really good at shooting and my mustache looked great, I did not believe that I was really training to fight. My learning progression on training to fight lead me to a more well rounded skill set and a neatly trimmed goatee.

I trained for decades and as my skills grew, so did my Goatee. It became perfectly clear (to me at least) that the more dangerous I became, the more facial hair I had. It grew from a stubble goatee to a good six inch long bushy goatee, one so nice that any warrior in Valhalla would be proud of. I wore this goatee proudly, for years, with the full knowledge of my absolute deadliness.

Then Covid-19 hit!

My goatee was so fracking awesome that nobody could keep their hands off of it (when I say “nobody”, I mostly mean “me.”) At that point it became perfectly clear that my goatee had become so dangerous that it was even dangerous to me. So, I convinced myself (against all empirical data) that it was not my goatee that made me such a bad ass and that I could be just as dangerous without it.

I shaved it off.

The next thing I know I am participating in 9mm-vs-45cal. debates, asking what the best magnet holster for my car was, and pontificating about open carrying at Walmart as soon as my CCW permit expired.

It was clear that I had thrown away tens of thousands of dollars of training with a couple of passes of a trimmer. I was reduced from a steely eyed gunfighter to an absolute imbecilic newbie.

Then the Antifa and BLM riots hit!

As I looked in the mirror at a panicked face, a smooth as a babies butt, and a skill set of the same age, I immediately knew what I had to do………..grow the most dangerous beard that I can.

This is a thread on the deadliness of the beard, the importance of the beard, the training of the beard, the upkeep of the beard, the maintenance of the beard, beard products, the mastery of the beard, and most importantly…..pictures of the beard.