America and the Racial Divisiveness that is Being Shoved Down our Throats

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

For those out there that have zero knowledge and do not understand how extreme stupidity hurts us all. Forming opinions without “due process” is what has started all of the recent racial hatred that we are dealing with right now. It is my belief that everyone should allow the facts and evidence to come in before they become overly emotional, out of ignorance We are all suppose to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Whatever happened to this fundamental aspect of being an American?

Wikipedia defines; “Due process” is the legal requirement that the state must respect all legal rights that are owed to a person. Due process balances the power of law of the land and protects the individual person from it. When a government harms a person without following the exact course of the law, this constitutes a due process violation, which offends the rule of law.

This should apply to every American and every American has a right to their day in court!

If you are one that refuses to accept this fundamental concept, due to race, that makes you a racist! The fact is that those that scream the loudest about racism are often the most racist of us all and racism is something that can be applied to and directed at any and every ethnic group……..including white people and white cops.

Racism is defined as “hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.”

The simple fact is, that if you hate or condemn white police officers, without “due process” you are a racist.

It is “due process” that allows us to separate the innocent from the guilty and those that are racist from those that are not.

I absolutely disagree with the progressive’s narrative of “systemic racism” inside of the police forces. Since I am not a deaf, dumb, and blind overly emotional puppet of the liberal left, I tend to wait on the facts, the evidence, and the justice system to proceed through “due process” since that is how America is supposed to work. See, I still love and believe in this Country and the ideals set down by the Constitution. I believe in equal protection and justice under the law, unlike the leftist administration, the leftist media, and those that claim they are “civil rights” advocates, all while attacking the civil rights of other people. The hypocrisy, the lies, the deceit, and the sleazy use of a false narrative is plain to see for those that refuse to be brain washed.

When we look at the events of the recent past, what we see is over the top outrage and racism coming before “due process” has ever been given a chance to even get started. People are tried and convicted, in the court of public opinion, by the progressive administration, the leftist media, the hypocritical “civil rights” leaders, and their weak-minded puppets.

The BLM movement came out of Ferguson, Missouri, where a proven criminal tried to murder a police officer, in two separate attempts. Instead of waiting to see what the facts of the case were and where the evidence led us, the progressives created a false narrative that stripped the civil rights away from a good man and a good officer, that was simply trying to do his job and not be murdered.

“Hands up, don’t shoot!” has been proven to have never happened. It was and still is a lie started by a known criminal and accomplice, then knowingly perpetuated by those that have created a racial divisiveness like this Country has not seen in over 50 years. These same irresponsible people continue with their rhetoric and their false narrative in order to remain in political positions of power and to make money.

Due process has not failed the recent civil rights movement. Guilty officers have been found guilty and innocent officers have been found innocent. As a Self Defense Instructor that is extensively trained in what makes a good shoot and what makes a bad shoot, there is one overriding fact inside of this training. That is the fact, that even if it is a good shoot, the price is so high that the only reason a good and decent person would want to deal with the consequences, is out of reasonable fear of death or grave bodily injury to yourself or another innocent.

Seriously, look at absolute chaos, racism, and racial divisiveness that is going on today! Who in their right mind would want to deal with this amount of trouble, if they did not have to, unless they themselves belonged locked up and behind bars.

Let the justice system convict the guilty and clear the innocent. That takes time! It will never be instant justice, if we truly want it to be justice. What we are seeing from those that keep preaching “civil rights” and “justice” is much more in line with the actions of people violating people’s civil rights and vigilantes. Educate yourself on the American legal system, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, the laws on self-defense and use of force, then get out-of-the-way and let due process take the time it needs to find the truth.

Black lives matter, white lives matter, blue lives matter…….ALL LIVES MATTER!

Anything short of that fact is racist.

Trump……Could it be?

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

For nearly a decade I have been pointing out and complaining about the Republicans (The Right) and their lack of willingness to get into the gutter and fight the Liberals (The Left) where they lived, thrived, and successfully fought from. It was clear to me that The Right felt that it was beneath them to get into the Leftist sewer, in order to fight the dirty fight that was being launched against them. It was like they were too good to even address the sleazy attacks, since it meant climbing into the pig pen, getting dirty, and trading punches with those that they considered to be low life scum.

This lack of willingness confused me, since it was my opinion that you could not defeat an enemy if you are not willing to fight them inside of their own home. This meant that The Right was always on the defensive, since they had no offensive answer to the Saul Alinsky’s inspired Rules for Radicals approach.

In my time on the streets, there is one thing that I learned that was perfectly clear. If you want to fight and defeat evil you need to be willing to step off of your high horse, get down into the gutter, and fight the enemy where they lived. This lack of willingness to engage, due to believing that The Right is too good for fighting in the gutter, has led us to where we are today.

Lack of willingness to engage has led to and manifested itself into a complete lack of backbone.

It is this obvious lack of backbone that has a very large portion of this Country sick and tired of The Right’s feckless fight against a more dedicated and competent opponent. While I hate the Leftist agenda and methodology, I do acknowledge and respect the level of fight that they have been bringing to our door step. They are relentless, they dominate the narrative, they use words as weapons, the create a huge lie and pound on it until it becomes the perceived truth, and they twist the truth until it becomes a perceived lie.

And what does The Right do?

Next to nothing!

Why do they do next to nothing?

Because they think it is beneath them!

As a gun guy talking to a gun culture, what is Rule # 11 of a gunfight?

“Always cheat, always win. The only unfair fight is the one you lose.”

Here is a news flash, The Left has been kicking the stuffing out of The Right for a very long time! This is all due to The Rights unwillingness to do what has to be done.

So, here we are!

In walks a guy saying all of the things that I have been saying to my friends and family for nearly a decade. Yet at first, I am not liking him because of the way that he treats people…….because deep down inside, I really am a good person. At first, I was seeing a bully with a big mouth….a bully that I would have knocked the crud out of in high school. The more I watched this guy, the more I begin to understand that this is a guy that is actually saying and doing what I have advocated for nearly a decade. He was not a bully……..he is just a guy willing to fight back from being bullied.

Could it be that they only way to defeat a bully, like The Left, is with a person that is more than willing, more than capable, and more than eager to get down in the sewage and take on the scum of the world, that has nearly decimated this once great Nation?

Could it be that Trump is the person that I have spoken of, inside of my signature line for the last eight years?

“I do not quit, I do not give up, and I know for a fact that one person, with the right message can lead us back to the greatness that this Country once knew.”

Could it be?

The one other alternative (and there is only one other possible alternative) is definitely not that person, because I disagree with everything that she says and stands for. She is nothing more than the continuation of the destruction of my America, that I have witnessed for nearly eight long years.

I see this election cycle as the Hail Mary’s of all Hail Mary’s. I am willing to vote for somebody that is saying all of the things that I have prayed for and dreamed of, in order to keep out the person that I consider to be a continuation of the very worse thing that has ever happened to this once great Nation.

I do not do this for myself. I do it for my children and my grandchildren, because I want them to live a long, happy, safe, and prosperous life in a Country as great as the one that I lived in.

Bottom line!

If you were the President

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

I, for one am sick and tire of the current administration claiming that nobody else has a plan to deal with global jihad, other than the completely incompetent plan that is in place today. Anyone with a brain knows that is just another set of lies, being told over and over again, in an effort to make it the truth, through the brain washing of the mentally weak. Even I can come up with a plan that is superior to the “do nothing while our enemy grows in strength” plan that we are forced to endure today. It is my opinion that almost anything would be better than what we are doing today.

Here are a few ideas that took only moments for me to come up with. And yes, I do believe it is better that we are doing now right now…….even after just a couple of moments of thought and work.

In no particular order;

1) Secure the border and cut off all funding for anything related to financial aid for people who are illegally in this Country. If you want to stay, then pay their own way. Enforce the immigration laws that are on the books. It may cost some money up front, but will save a ton of money and increase security in the long run

2) Re-evaluate the budget and substantially decrease social programs and government waste. Increase spending on military, arms, intelligence, espionage, covert operations, assassinations, cyber security, cyber warfare, security of soft targets, and seriously consider anything that my top military advisers believed that we might need. Increase the size of our military by offering financial incentives to attract more high quality people to join the armed forces.

3) Put undercover operatives in mosques, chat rooms, social media, and infiltrate the recruiting process set up by ISIS. Follow the leads, bring military charges against, and/or kill those that are recruiting and those that allow themselves to be recruited. Fill Guantanamo to the brim and allow the military justice system to do what ever needs to be done so we never have to fight evil again, once it has already been captured and detained.

4) Begin a propaganda war of the highest levels, such as we did in the Cold War. Fight a war that includes winning hearts and minds by portraying our way of life as being superior to the Islamist Extremest way of life. This would include turning around the “hate America and blame America first” that is so prevalent in the left, with their use of their revisionist history, fabrications, and out right lies. This would need to be a very large portion of this war effort. The left hates America and believe that we deserve to be attacked and to not be “exceptional” The propaganda war would need to be used against, not only radical islam, but also against the extreme left of this Country

5) Repair the damage that has been done to our reputation with our allies. Reaffirm our commitment to the taking the lead role in the war between “good-vs-evil.” Say what we are going to do, then do what we say we are going to do. Create an alliance against global jihad, take the lead, and then follow through.

6) Authorize military personal to be armed at all times and in all places.

7) Encourage all Americans to seek out training and carry their weapons.

8) Quit playing fair in an unfair world. Take the handcuffs off of our military and get back to fighting wars like we used to fight wars in WWII. Our military are not the police, when others have declared war on us. They are Warriors that hunt down and kill the enemy, relentlessly, ruthlessly, and with extreme prejudice.

9) Declare war on political correctness and get down in the gutter and fight the enemies of America…..who ever they may be. To hell with allowing political correctness to be used against us as a form of warfare. Nice guys do not win and the time of being “too nice” to speak plainly and act decisively has come to past.

10) When people declare war on us and begin killing us……we declare war on them and annihilate them as quickly and as ruthlessly as we possibly can, all while letting the entire world watch it happen in real-time.

11) Energy independence! Take the handcuffs off of free market and allow America to be as great as it can possibly be. There is no way to regain the power that we once had without being energy independent.

12) Once war has been declared, fight an all encompassing war. Target the enemies finances, their leaders, their allies, their supporters, their military equipment, there command structure, their ground troops, and most of all their ideology.

Radical Islamic Terrorism, America, and You

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

For the last 15 years of writing, I have hesitated to write anything on this topic. Not out of fear for radical Islam, but due to the imbecilic macho chest thumping of the Monday morning quarterbacks, who beg for the fight to show up at their door, while arrogantly bragging how they would dominate the action, be the hero of the hour, even when they have zero experience in an actual life and death encounter. This is usually done by Instructors, while steering people to the enrollment page and into one of their courses. This over the top and transparent behavior has always disgusted me. The bravado, the stupidity, and the sleazy marketing has always kept me from writing an article that I have always felt needed to be written.

Well here we are again! I sit here watching the world giving lip service to their outrage over another slaughtering of innocent people, all in the name of radical Islamic jihad. Yes, I am going to call it what it is and if labeling things, correctly and appropriately, offend you, you may not want to continue reading what follows. Personally, I see the politically correct stupidity, such as that, as being one of the distinct reasons why the world finds itself where it is today. If you do not have the brains or the guts to call the enemy, by their correct and appropriate name, you definitely do not have the brains or the guts to be able to protect yourself from those that have declared war upon you.

I predict that there will be a good amount of hand wringing, talking, marching, arguing, protesting, and posturing due to the events in Paris. But in reality, I do not see anything substantial being done about the slaughtering of innocent people in the name of jihad. The main reason for that is that the rest of the world wants America to take the lead and that goes against the desired legacy that our feckless and impotent leader wants to leave. America itself has sustained numerous terrorist attacks, in its homeland and still the fearful leader of this once great Nation does not have the brains or the guts to even call these attacks what they are, let alone do anything about them. The Fort Hood massacre, Boston Marathon bombing, Little Rock Arkansas, Chattanooga Tennessee, Garland Texas, and New York City twice. Why would we do something about Paris if we will not do anything about our own homeland being attacked?

The fact is that this Country is being run by a President who does not believe in American exceptionalism and believes that we are getting exactly what we deserve, in regards to being attacked by radical Islam. When our leaders shirk their one main responsibility, to protect America and its citizens, unfortunately it comes down to Americans doing what they need to do, in order to take matters into their own hands, to protect themselves. Luckily, we have stopped this same President from confiscating the tools needed, to be able protect ourselves and our loved ones.

I am well aware that this article is going to receive the same negative responses from the same negative type of people, as I have witnessed before. These people will claim that I am using a tragedy to try to drum up business. These people will claim that carrying a high quality fighting handgun and a decent amount of ammo cannot do anything against a AK-47 or a suicide vest. These people will claim that the chances of being where a terrorist attack happens to be astronomically low. I consider these people to be those that always look at a glass as half empty and are always looking for an excuse to not do anything……just like their so-called President. I see them as not believing in American exceptionalism and that America is definitely not worth fighting for. I see things very differently.

First and foremost, I do not care if you come and train with me or not, but I would hope that you would train somewhere. Second, carrying a fighting handgun and a decent supply of ammo, while you CCW, is not just about the individual carrying a fighting handgun……….it is about the overall perception of hundreds of thousands of Americans carrying fighting handguns. Flapping your gums in a negative manner “a handgun is not going to help you against five terrorist with AK-47’s” could be the statement that convinces other people to not be armed, when it is you and your loved ones that are in need of help. The perception that we should be giving off is one that does not diminish our abilities, our numbers, our love of our Country, our dedication to the protection of our loved ones, and how steadfast our resolve is. In other words, if the President is unable and unwilling to send the right message, then it is up to those that still love our Country to send the right message. That message should read loud and clear, ” On a daily basis, I will be carrying as many tools of war as I can in order to kill those that try to perpetrate jihad in my America.”

How hard is that to understand? Project American strength, if our President won’t! Garnish fear and concern in areas that are not gun free zones. Tell the world, by the hundreds of thousands, that we are well armed, well-trained, that we have much to fight for and to kill for. This is a war between freedom and oppression and those of us that love our freedom, we know without a shadow of a doubt, that we have a whole lot to be fighting for.

Take a look at the world. Radical Islamic terrorism is not going to go away all by itself. Not fighting it, is not going to stop it. If you need any more proof than how large the caliphate is today…….you might just be mentally deficient. We need to learn our lessons from the Paris attacks and Europe as a whole. We need to secure our borders and take a much harder look at our immigration policies. “No good deed goes unpunished” needs to be understood inside of our immigration and refugee policies. We need to reduce our risks because this is going to get a whole lot worse, before it gets any better.

Project American strength in the homeland by carrying tools of war, training, and having a war bag to go to when it is possible to get to it. People talk about “trunk rifles” and “bug out bags.” Listen to what people are doing and carrying, then ask yourself if you should not be doing something similar.

We all need to understand and accept that, while the chances of being where a terrorist attack occurs, may be very small, the perception of hundreds of thousands of well armed and well-trained civilians walking through life, ready and willing to fight at a seconds notice, will go a long way to keeping free America safer from terrorist attacks. Yes, they will focus their attacks on softer targets and gun free zones, but unfortunately, the only way to get rid of gun free zones is by experiencing the stupidity of gun free zone…….over and over again. Some people will state, that jihadist do not care if we kill them. But the fact is that they want their terror attacks to be as effective as possible before they die. Taking away the effectiveness mitigates their levels of terror.

This is a war that will be fought today by us, tomorrow by our children, and decades from now by our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Radical Islam has been fighting this war since the sixth century and they are not going to stop until they are stopped once again.

Look at the world today and ask yourself whether you are carrying often enough or enough gear. My world has dramatically changed since 9/11 and every once in a while, even I become complacent in my carry routine. Paris and the fact that we are once again going to do next to nothing, reminds me that the strength of America is not portrayed by our weak and temporary leader…… is portrayed by the people…….because this is a Country for the people and by the people.

Let’s not forget who we are and where we come from.

The Evil, The Ignorant, The Delusional, and The Children

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

This was written after the Sandy Hook Tragedy and it would seem to apply just as well today.

I know some people are going to disagree with the tone of this article. Many people on the same side of the gun control issue as I are going to say that resorting to name calling is not the way to go. But when you look at how effective the same tactic has been used against the pro-gun supporters, it raises question about how efficient and effective our strategy and tactics have actually been. Pro-gun people have successfully been demonized by the anti-gun crowd and that crowd can be divided up into three groups, The Evil, The Ignorant, and The Delusional.

The Evil

The very worse of the three groups are The Evil. These are the people who have been voted in as public servants and who have sworn to uphold the Constitution. Yet, at every opportunity these evil servants have broken their oath and have time and time again voted themselves more power while taking the power away from those that they have sworn to serve. Often these evil moves come from a position of elitism. They believe that they are better than the people who they serve. They believe that they are smarter than the people that they serve. They believe that they and their families are more important than those that they swore to serve. They act as if they are doing what is best for us, all the while looting the people that they serve of their rights and their freedoms. They have one goal in mind and that is to grab as much power as they can for themselves and the government that they serve……….yes, the government that they serve. See, The Evil do not serve the people, they serve themselves and they serve the government. They do not care about the people and to the exact same extent they do not care about the children. How can The Evil ones care about the children when they make it more and more difficult for a parent to protect their children, all the while guaranteeing armed security for their own children. This hypocrisy and elitism is the ultimate form of obvious evil.

It is an elitist attitude that reeks of a “I do not care if your children die due to your inability to protect them, but I will assure that my children are safe from the evils of this world” stench.

The problem with this attitude is the fact that these elitist hypocrites are the ultimate evil in this world. They want to convince The Ignorant and The Delusional that they care about children being killed when in fact they are actually creating a situation where even more children can possibly be killed. Most politicians are educated and know the history of America, The Constitution, and the historical evils that tyrannical governments have perpetuated on its people. Far more children have been killed by tyrannical governments than by mentally ill people with assault weapons. Those numbers would not even be close. But once again it is not about “the children” it is about using a tragedy to grab the power and when the public servants grab power for themselves, inherently that obtained power goes to the government.

The Founding Fathers put The Second Amendment in place to protect the people from a tyrannical government and our public servants know that. A vote for gun control from our public servants is a vote for a tyrannical government, a vote against the Constitution, and a vote against our children. This is an undeniable evil and this evil is being perpetrated right now in this country. I am not saying that there is going to be a genocide committed against the people of this country tomorrow. What I am saying is that things are being put into place here, that have been put into places in the past, that has led to a number of the most heinous genocides that this world as ever seen. These are historical facts and if you do not believe them you may want to do some research on gun control and the genocides that have followed. If you cannot rattle off at least five genocides of the past, that followed strict gun control, your knowledge level may need a quick update. The information is out there for those that actually want to find it.

Obviously, The Evil cannot do this all on their own, they need help from a very large group of useful idiots. These useful idiots can be public servants, the media, and the public at large. They may or may not fall in the category of The Evil because they may not be smart enough/knowledgeable enough to understand the evil that they perpetrate. But even so, they are still on the side of evil and the tools of evil. These people fall into two groups, The Ignorant and The Delusional.

The Ignorant

The word “ignorance” is not an insult. Every one of us is ignorant about something. The Ignorant can be ignorant in many forms, but inside of this topic the three greatest forms of their ignorance comes down a lack of knowledge of America History, American Government, and World History.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” George Santayana

The Ignorant have their ignorance used against them. But that can be curtailed by gaining the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions. The Evil want The Ignorant to remain ignorant so that they can keep using them as the tools of evil. If The Evil can convince The Ignorant that the Founding Fathers were bumbling buffoons that did not understand the advancement of technology, then The Ignorant can be convinced that the Founding Fathers did not see the advent of assault rifles. If The Evil can convince The Ignorant that the Second Amendment had nothing to do with making sure that the people can protect themselves from a tyrannical government, then The Ignorant would not mind Americans being disarmed. If The Evil can convince The Ignorant that just because the government disarmed its people does not make it a tyrannical government, then The Ignorant would not fear having Americans disarmed.

Ignorance can also be taken advantage of when crime statistics of disarmed societies are not spoken of. There is not one case of guns being taken and crime stats not climbing. Criminals fear an armed public and as soon as it becomes a crime to own guns or to use a gun in self-defense, the criminal element ramps up its attacks on the unarmed law-abiding people. These are all facts that can be found if The Ignorant want to move past being used as the tools of evil.

The Evil prey on The Ignorant. They lie and they deceive. They use and they abuse. The number of ignorant, throughout world history, that have helped The Evil commit unspeakable forms of brutality and genocide on their own people is astounding. Imagine the pain and the guilt of that betrayal. Imagine believing that you were doing the right thing (for the children) due to ignorance, only to find that you were on the side of evil all along and many more children paid with their lives due to your ignorance. That reality would have to be a fate worse than death. This is possibly happening right now in this country, things are being put into motion that can possibly lead to a tyrannical government ruling this country with an iron fist. I believe this to the extent that I am concerned about even writing this article.

Ignorance is not a curse, ignorance is not a death sentence, ignorance is something that can be eliminated with an open mind and the search for “the truth.” The Ignorant are like the undecided voter. They are the ones that will be the deciding factor in this gun control issue. They are the ones that will decide the children’s fate. Do we throw the baby out with the bath water and put into motion the likelihood of America turning into a tyrannical government? Or do we look at the facts of gun violence against the children and understand that a mentally ill individual with an assault rifle is not near the threat level of The Evil and a tyrannical government?

The Delusional

While The Ignorant can be educated, The Delusional cannot. The Delusional are those that do not deal or live in reality. They are the ones that believe that all guns can be rounded up and that would be the end of the threat against our children. They believe that a “gun free zone” should extend throughout this country and that is the only answer to gun violence. This level of delusiveness completely baffles and escapes me. It is as if there is a form of mental illness that perpetuates a Utopian dream that will simply never be part of the human experience. Man has perpetrated evil on man throughout the history of man and that is not going to change any time soon. The only people who comply with gun control laws are the good law-abiding people. Evil people will not comply (and that is why the evil public servants have excluded themselves from the gun control laws.) That would mean that the vast majority of the people who still had guns would be evil people. What part of this do they not understand? What level of delusiveness would you have to be in order to believe such obvious impossibilities? Are they really so blinded by their delusions and their lack of rational thought that they are unable to see the facts of gun confiscation throughout the world, the effects on crime soaring, the historical governmental abuses, and genocide?

The only other group of people who would still have guns would be the good people that are willing to go to jail for the rest of their lives in order to protect their loved ones/children.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

I am pretty sure that the delusional do not understand the above quote due to their obvious lack of rational thought. But, what we are talking about is a willingness to do anything to protect our loved ones and especially The Children.

I am sick and tired of The Evil, The Ignorant, and The Delusional using “for the children” as their excuse to destroy America. It is you…….The Evil, The Ignorant, and The Delusional that perpetrates and perpetuates the evil that endangers The Children and The Grand Children. Do not come at me with your outright lies, your fabrications, your agenda manipulation, and your politicizing of a tragedy to further your evil intent. You can preach your lie “for the children” but there is only one side of this fight that is truly about The Children and it is not the side of the Evil, The Ignorant, and The Delusional.

Gun Fighting with the Family in Tow

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

As those that have trained this with Dr. Meade and I, we all know that this is going to be situational dependent. Your initial response is going to have to attached to your position in the reactionary curve and the amount of force, against you, you are dealing with.

If you have been caught flat-footed, WAY behind in the reactionary curve, and with a disparity of force, you may need to use the all important “timing” where you decide “if and when” you are going to get into the fight. All fights are not winnable! The time to enter into the fight, in a decent position, simply may never come. But you need to do the best you can to find the right timing.

There are no easy answers when you are behind the eight ball. There are situations that if you react immediately……you are dead. There are times that if you use your timing correctly……you are dead. There are times that if you never find the right time…….you are dead.

Flip a coin……..but my timing has worked pretty well for me in the past. I have plenty of tools that I can bring to bear well before the gun comes into play. Feigned fear, feigned compliance, feigned begging, deception, distraction, and my all important timing. I will put on a show, but the whole time I am attempting to set up the entrance of the fight.

Now if you are only behind in the reactionary curve, that is a whole other thing.

When my kids were young the wife and I had a plan. I was the fighter and she was in charge of the children. The plan was to divide and get the bad guys to focus on me while she attempted to get herself and the kids out of the kill zone. Of course this requires that both parents and children are mobile and able to follow direction. I would use my aggression to capture and retain the bad guys attention. She would use her street smarts to find the best exit of the fight. The kids knew the plan and we went off of a very basic word that even a four-year old could understand “RUN!”

The wife and I practiced what I call “the significant other take off.” With a well understood level of shoving, I would strongly suggest a direction that she should go, while using the force to help me get off the X in the other direction. This accomplished getting both of us moving off of the targeting area as quickly as possible. It also reduced the chances of the wife freezing in place. This separation is something that you need to see as the bad guy, inside of FOF, to understand the effect that it has on your OODA loop. As the bad guy, it divides your attention and it takes time to regroup your focus. It seems that when a bad guy attacks a family, he is looking to use your love against you and when you break away from the family, that plan is foiled and they have to recover from the plan being destroyed. It really is something that you have to experience in FOF as the bad guy, the good guy, and as the observer to understand the significance.

After the separation is made it is time to go after the bad guys with a level of aggression that makes you the only thing inside of their very short lives.

Righteous indignation and my love for my family, inside of this moment, will bring a level of commitment that the bad guys are simply not going to match. This is one of those times where moving directly into the fight, at the 12:00, may be the best solution to the problem. Do not latch onto words and training of those that make all their decisions based on fear. Moving directly in has been a combat proven tactic for a very long time. A very high level of aggression messes with people’s head………take it from a smallish man who has prevailed, well over his head, in many circumstances. Speed and violence of action may be the only thing that turns this confrontation in your favor.

I will be the only thing these bad guys will be able to think about. My family will be out of the equation and they better get a central nervous system hit on me, because I will not stop as long as I am able to keep fighting.

The wife’s job is to focus on her and the children’s safety. I am to receive no concern or thought until they are safe. Once they are safe she can begin to help me. But she is not allowed to facilitate them to be used against me, after that opportunity had been taken from the bad guys.

A Dad

By Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts

It was an October in Reno and we were having the usual Saturday night dinner that we try to arrange during every traveling course. This one was a little different. We often have guests, significant others, and family members joining us for dinner. This is a good way for the guests to understand why we love to train and find out about the quality of people that we spend so much time with. On this particular night we were joined by a beautiful little 2 1/2 year girl named Sawyer. She was the youngest of three daughters of Warrior Talk member Rob227. She was a little shy at first, but as long as dad was there, all was good in her world.

Sawyer reminded me so much of my oldest daughter Mary when she was that age. The same smile, similar smiling eyes, and that “big” little voice. It was plain to see that Sawyer loved her dad and that dad would do anything for her. It got me thinking about “why we do, what we do.”

I am always asked how I got to be where I am today. People ask me “You are not a Cop, you are not a Soldier, why do you train so hard? Why do you need to know the things that you know and need to do the things that you can do?” To me, the question has always been a bit odd. I always considered the protection of my loved ones even more important than the protection of my community or my country. Through the years I’ve found that my past experiences are very different from most people’s. I guess that experience has solidified my absolute knowledge in “the evil of man.” Making myself as deadly as I can possibly be seems as natural as making as much money as I possibly can. To me, it is just part of who I am and what I feel to be important as “the provider” of my family. We provide financial security. We provide a safe place to live, to go to school, and to grow up. But, the most important thing that we provide for our loved ones is security. When it comes down to brass tacks, it is not the cop or the soldier that will most likely be the last line of defense for our loved ones. The last line of defense will most likely be ………a Dad.

The next day, I approached Rob227 about wanting to write this article. He looked at me kind of funny……as if I had read his mind. He then sat back and told me the event that solidified his need to learn to be “the very best fighter that I could possibly be.” Without going into specifics it was all about being “A Dad.” He told me of the moment that he realized that if he wanted to be the man that he needed to be, he was going to have to learn to be as deadly as he could possibly be.

I am not a cop! I am not a soldier! What I do is every bit as honorable a duty. I will continue to learn to be as deadly as I can possibly be. I will continue to teach my students to be as deadly as they can possibly be. No fluff, no BS, and no political correctness. Just honest, brutally effective, and devastatingly lethal as I can find.

Why? Because I am a Dad!