Fighting Inside Structures Course Description

When it comes to fighting for you life, the most valuable tool that you own is your mind. Fight Focused Concepts course, Fight Inside Structures – The Study is the in-depth study of strategies, tactics, and skill sets that are necessary to be as efficient and effective as possible while fighting in confined spaces. Since 1999, I have been pushing to learn as much as I possibly can inside of the realm of self defense……at the highest levels possible. This is the course where all of that work comes together and reaches it’s apex. These are the training situations and experiences that make us realize that all that we have learned in the past, was nothing more than a building block approach to reaching that summit that is Fighting Inside Structures – The Study. This is where it all comes together……. this is where everything becomes crystal clear……. this is where it is all makes perfect sense. This is the apex of much of your prior training experiences and knowledge acquisition.

  • The varying objectives
  • The realities and strategies of those varying objectives
  • The basics of clearing a corner
  • The basics of movement in confined spaces
  • Mitigating exposure
  • Completely ambidextrous skill sets
  • The retention concept
  • T-intersections
  • Dealing with doors
  • Making entries and taking a room
  • Correct application of strategies inside of the varying objectives
  • Basic non-verbal communication
  • Leading a team
  • Teams of two
  • Teams of three
  • Teams of four
  • Basics of fighting in the dark
  • Low-light searching and clearing
  • Low-light strategies in teams

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