One of the many things that is nice about owning your own company is running things as you believe that they should be run. I have always believed that a student should not be required to pay the full price for a course that they have already attended, as long as the overhead for the Instructor was such that a discount is possible.

We all know how important repetition is to ingrain our strategies, tactics, and skill sets at a level that we can run them at a subconscious level. Without the repetition we cannot ingrain them at the level that we need to ingrain them. Plenty of repetition can be done inside of our private training and dry practice, but if you are like me, I tend to put in my best repetition/work in when I am inside of a structured course. I enjoy being a student and I enjoy it even more when the Instructor understands that I am there to be nit-picked. One of the things that always kept me from repeating courses that I wanted to re-take was the fact that I would have to pay full price for information that I had already received. It never made sense to me to discourage students from repeating courses because there was no incentive presented to repeat them.

This has led me to create the Repeat Course Discount Program (RCDP) in order to show my appreciation for my loyal repeat students. The way that this is going to work is that you will receive 50% off the price of the course, when you repeat the exact same course taught by Roger, presented under my company (Fight Focused Concepts) during the time period beginning January 1st, 2014. If you qualify for the discount, use the “Contact Us” page and inform us what course you would like to take, the name of the qualifying course and the date that you took it so that we can easily verify. After verification, we will contact you on how to enroll in the course at the discounted rate.

This offer will only be available for local courses, around the Las Vegas area, where the overhead does not make the discounts impractical.

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