Hosting Traveling Courses

Due to the recent over-saturation of the market, traveling courses must be handled very carefully. It is one thing when the venue can be driven too, in 4-5 hours, but when flights and airports are involved, it is a whole other thing. The overhead involved can make the trip nothing more than a break even proposition, which is obviously no way to run a business. I have struggled with this problem, mainly due to my love of traveling courses and the people who I get to meet. But business is business.

In an effort to get back up and traveling on a regular basis, here are some guidelines that I will need, to make it happen. This is a situation that requires that there be sacrifices made by the Instructor, the Hosts, and the Students. The days of selling out 2 day travel courses, at 20 students, at $450 per head is long over and I am well aware of that. It was great when it lasted, but that is simply not the market any longer. My sacrifice comes down to accepting this fact and finding a number that makes traveling  a “business wise” proposition, while not allowing myself  to be unreasonable and spoiled, due to the market of the past.

The days of the hosts getting free training by setting up venues and handling the logistics, without concern for the number of paying students is also something that needs to be closely looked at. The hosts must make every effort to help secure the students and negotiate the range fees. The students can help in this portion of the team work by fulfilling commitments given to the Host and the Instructor. They can also spread the word through training partners, gun forums, and social networking sites. They can also help by accepting paying just slightly more for a traveling course to come to them, over the price of the Instructors local courses.

If we team up, the traveling Instructors can head back on the road and bring their offerings directly to parts of the Country that are closer to you.

All I need to make this happen is really not asking for much. All I need is 15 paying students and reasonable range fees ($20 per student, per day, or less) to get back to traveling on a regular basis.

If you strongly believe that you can make this happen, fell free to give me a phone call or send me an E-mail.

If we work together and make the necessary sacrifices, we can get past this over-saturation problem and get back to training as we once did.